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    The Rebellion Takes Action

    Week 207 (countdown) San Francisco, Rebel Alliance, Jan. 21, 2017

    I’m opposed to the labels, name-calling and emotional arrows. I’ve been countering the president’s assault on my values with constructive activism. This is mainly a blog about action and following my personal quest for good conscience actions.

    My media hole …

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    Today I March


    I’m lazy. I don’t want to fight. But if I don’t fight, then someone else is working to remold my reality.

    I need to stand up to injustice and distinguish what’s not right. I might not be able to change someone else’s behavior, but I can try to have a …

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    Global Voices


    Global Voices spoke to me this week.

    The organization works to find compelling and important stories coming from marginalized and misrepresented communities. Their mission includes speaking out against online censorship.

    This illustration alone consisted of an entire blog post called the Whirlpool of Silence – a Balkan discourse. This site …

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    Movie Underdogs


    In this week’s survey (Please vote. See lower right sidebar poll.), we look at where heroes come from. For most people I speculate that heroes come from our daily lives: family, neighborhood, school, the office. But we also find heroes in literature, online, and in movies.

    As much as I …

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    Refining the Concept


    What follows is an open attempt to refine the underblog. Ordinary person + big obstacle = great opportunity for humanity.

    As this idea of global underdogs churned in my head, one of the images that came to mind was that of Tank Man (also known as the Unknown Rebel). He …

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    Defying Expectations


    You’re not supposed to jump fully clothed in a muddy river to help some stranger, a foreigner, extract their car.

    When my wife and I visited Costa Rica 10 years ago, we experienced the worst roads. Except for the main thoroughfare in the north, all the roads were dirt and …

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