1. cshivane1223

    The Final Goodbye


    Ct101 is coming to an end and the best thing to end with is what we started with and that is A GIF! My site’s name is Simplyshiv.net and I chose that domain name for my site because my name is Shivane and my nickname is Shiv. I really just …

  2. cshivane1223

    Covergirl Promotes Equality and We All Should Too!


    Covergirl’s new face is a 17-year-old boy and i couldn’t be happier! I think it’s super awesome that Covergirl also included models with  different skin tones and ethnicities in their commercial. This really shows a stand on the hatred and bigotry that is happening in today’s society. This  commercial took …

  3. cshivane1223

    I’m a sucker for colors!


    This was my second attempt at creating a Net Art & Gif , this picture was one of my very own of Long Island City Piers.  I used Photoshop to hold and erase the water portion of the picture and then used a very bright and colorful picture in Glitche’ …

  4. cshivane1223

    Anyone else?


    Did anyone else get a phone call from a web designing company offering to build my website for me for a fee? Strangest thing…

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