1. cshivane1223

    The Final Goodbye


    Ct101 is coming to an end and the best thing to end with is what we started with and that is A GIF! My site’s name is Simplyshiv.net and I chose that domain name for my site because my name is Shivane and my nickname is Shiv. I really just …

  2. cshivane1223

    Covergirl Promotes Equality and We All Should Too!


    Covergirl’s new face is a 17-year-old boy and i couldn’t be happier! I think it’s super awesome that Covergirl also included models with  different skin tones and ethnicities in their commercial. This really shows a stand on the hatred and bigotry that is happening in today’s society. This  commercial took …

  3. cshivane1223

    I’m a sucker for colors!


    This was my second attempt at creating a Net Art & Gif , this picture was one of my very own of Long Island City Piers.  I used Photoshop to hold and erase the water portion of the picture and then used a very bright and colorful picture in Glitche’ …

  4. cshivane1223

    Anyone else?


    Did anyone else get a phone call from a web designing company offering to build my website for me for a fee? Strangest thing…

  5. cshivane1223

    My sad domain story


    After much thought of a domain name i came up with “simplyshiv.com” but turns out someone else has that name.  I really just wanted to be original ? I’m really bad at deciding what cereal to eat each morning I really don’t know how everyone picked a domain name so …

  6. cshivane1223

    How many effects does it take?


    This picture of my favorite bridge at sunset comes alive with the blur effect on glitche a photo editing app.   This one below is a video i created by also using two effects from the Glitche app. It was originally in video format i used photoshop to be able to …

  7. cshivane1223

    Why a Domain Of One’s Own?


    What inspired me the most from Audrey Watters speech is that she mentions her personal life and how she used technology to find a way to cope. She mentions how she found a community that helped her cope with her situation better than anyone on her campus did. I found …

  8. cshivane1223

    Pop star out of place


    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/pop-star-out-of-place/ The Ds106 project I would like to do is the pop star out of place one, to do this you will need a photo editor.  Then cut out the background by cutting around the person then pasting the cut out onto another completely different picture.  The link to this …

  9. cshivane1223

    When York College raises their coffee prices


    My Ds106 assignment is based on the link below, I really enjoyed making gifs and i thought it would be very cool to show the emotions one goes through when coffee prices are raised. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/ds106-reacts/   Tweet Share on Tumblr…

  10. cshivane1223

    Fall makes me happy post!


    http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/01/the-pumpkin-spice-latte-is-back-but-one-guy-isnt-happy-6103019/ I really love photography and Fall! I know it’s Fall season when the famous Pumpkin spice latte’s start appearing! This year social media’s are blooming with the #firstpsl hashtags. This makes me happy because I’ve always loved Fall more than any other seasons. This picture combines the leaves of …

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