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    Its Monday! What Are You Reading? Week 14


    This past week, I spent as much time reading as possible. I think altogether I read for around 7 hours. I had hoped to have finished at least four books from the Top 100 Children’s Novels list, but I was only able to finish three.

    First, I read From the …

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    Using Skype in the Classroom


    I have personally used Skype for several years now and have seen the evidence of progression in the quality of picture and sound as well as its other features. Most of my experience with Skype has been using it to video chat with family but I have also recently used …

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    Its Monday! What Are You Reading?? Week 13


    This past week (reading wise, anyway) was more like four days because it took me so long the week prior to read the fourth of the Harry Potter series. I don’t currently own the fifth book in the series so at this time, I will not be reading it. I …

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    Read Alouds


    After reading “Building Read-Along Routine in the 3rd Grade” and Katherine Sokolowski’s blog post on read alouds, I had to look back at my own education and try to remember what books we read aloud and whether they had any impact on me as a student. I can remember Huck …

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    WWW Wednesday: Week 5


    Currently Reading: I just started listening to The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo yesterday and hope to finish it by Sunday evening so that I can try to catch up on my reading challenge a little. So far, I am enjoying what I am hearing in this tale about …

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    Its Monday! What Are You Reading? Week 12


    So, here it is Thursday evening and I am just now writing my IMWAYR blog post for this week. “Why?”, you may ask. Well, I have spent much of this week preparing to take my Praxis I test and I have good news to report…I passed! This means I can …

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    Diversity in Literature


    Author Brian Pinkney grew up as an African American boy in the 1960’s who loved books as well as art. In his article “Here I am”, he talks about seeing a lack of black children represented in children’s picture books as well as on the cover art of those books. …

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    WWW Wednesday: Week 4


    Currently Reading: Yesterday evening I started to dive in to Harry Potter’s 4th year at Hogwart’s with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling. After finishing the 3rd book in the series last week, I am excited to get through this one to see if Harry’s relationship …

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    Its Monday! What Are You Reading? Week 10


    Wow! Its hard to believe that this is already my tenth week of writing the posts for this meme! Unfortunately, I fell a little behind on my reading challenge this week as I had a ton of homework to get done for other classes. I hope to make up for …

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