1. @curtisaleigh

    Reading Reflection


    I just logged onto my Goodreads account and recorded 6 more books for a grand total of 60 so far this semester. I know, that sounds like an awful lot of books for only being about one month into classes but I am hoping to triple that by December. There …

  2. @curtisaleigh

    It’s Monday: What Are You Reading? Week 5


    The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

    Let me begin by saying I loved this book! The instant I finished this book I told my 4th grader that she would enjoy it and recommended that she read it in her spare time. In this story, which is based on …

  3. @curtisaleigh

    Non-fiction Picture Book Challenge: Week 3


    I know that I read chose non-fiction picture books focused on animals last week and I had planned on choosing a much different topic this week but since our class is reading The One and Only Ivan I chose to read some children’s non-fiction picture books about gorillas and chimpanzees. …

  4. @curtisaleigh

    It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Week 3


    This week’s reading probably totaled about 8 hours rather than 4. I’m not sure why I chose to read so many longer books this week but I enjoyed all of them to varying degrees and I learned about some book awards that I wasn’t previously aware of.



    The …

  5. @curtisaleigh

    Too Busy for Books??


    Have I struggled to find time to read? YES! Does this mean I don’t love to read? NO!

    My struggle with reading has been the cause of some stress in my life, especially this past week with the holiday weekend and our family Labor Day camping trip cutting into my …

  6. @curtisaleigh

    It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Week 2


    This past week, I read an assortment of longer children’s books. Two of them were books that were required materials for one of my other classes and had the notion to read ahead on my own. The other two I found on lists of popular children’s books; one of was …

  7. @curtisaleigh

    Response to “Creating Readers”


    I hope to someday be able to honestly claim to be a “book whisperer” for my students like Donalyn Miller. In the interview, “Creating Readers”, Miller discusses creative ways to encourage students to not only read but to become lifelong readers. I have found many great ideas to use in …

  8. @curtisaleigh

    It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


    When I first read the assignment to read 30 Caldecott Award winners and/or Honor winners, I was overwhelmed. I panicked inside wondering where I would find the time to read so many books. On top of the stress of trying to fit all this reading into my schedule, I wondered …

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