1. danmacarandang

    Going to work


    Phonar pre-task:
    Tell the story of your journey to school. Bring it to the first session to share. – If you don’t go to school, tell your journey to work, or to anywhere for that matter.

  2. danmacarandang

    They aren’t capable of change


    Change – the process of becoming different. Do you remember changing something, like your professional career, your perspective and objective, your lifestyle or even your hairstyle. More often than not, it is time-consuming. Change is difficult. We want change because we want the unsatisfactory to be broken and replaced by …

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    I was heading for Sta. Cruz, Laguna with my son and my sister the night of Dec 3. Our trip was fine and smooth until we approached Calamba City. Traffic is absolutely crazy! I almost feel like I’m in Metro Manila at rush hour. Everybody wants to squeeze-in their vehicle …

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    Phonar Task 5 and 4


    Creative Workshop 5 – Transformative Storytelling

    Using only found personal images (ie images from family albums, online galleries [that you have permission to use] and local library archives, not published in magazines) research and construct a photo-artefact that weaves a narrative linking the archive population (a story of the people …

  5. danmacarandang

    Phonar Task 3 and 2


    Creative Workshop 3 – Unphotographable Phiction

    Working alone, you should choose one of Michael David Murphy’s “Unphotographable” posts and create a multimedia narrative. You should use your own images, new or from your archive and you should create an accompanying soundscape.

    Sounds: ERH, Tiger Sounds, Vein Samba, JPPI Stu…

  6. danmacarandang

    Phonar Task 1 MK II


    Creative Workshop 1 MK II

    You should reflect on your own selection bearing Jon’s words in mind and then ‘edit-up’ by adding in some of your own images to make a second set. Your images should be the threads that gather the initial collection into a new story, fact or …

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    Phonar Task 1


    Creative Workshop 1 – Social Issues and Human Condition

    Garner a portfolio of 8-10 images from different photographers whose work inspires you. Choose carefully, as though your edit was going to appear as a spread in a printed magazine, you may choose to lay them out as such if you …

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    Fun at Museum


    As far as my youth and childhood experiences are concern, memories from museums are hardly capable of recalling because they’re either too serious or deal with complicated subjects. In contrary, going to Museo Pambata with the Kids of Ulingan makes this memorable due to the fact:

    It is artistic

    It …

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    When I was a kid, I used to visit Zoo during school excursions. It was fun. I see animals that I only see in books. But now, as I get older, the significance of the zoo becomes unclear. Why we create zoo and what do we expect from it? Can …

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    I see black, I see white



    Social networking sites, particularly Facebook seems a little buggy back then. However, many of us are fascinated and make use of it. A love-hate relationship as they say. How we benefit from it is that it connects us to people of common interest, from political and religious views to …

  11. danmacarandang

    Toy Story Saturday at Ulingan


    July 16, 2011, I start asking questions after the show of Toy Story 3 about her name, where she lived, about her condition at their new relocation (site) and I got pretty much straightforward answer. Consequently, she starts asking me questions too:

    Kid: Ikaw, anong pangalan mo? (What is your …

  12. danmacarandang

    Creating a Human Narrative


    This assignment is to tell a story with a group of 10 to 20 images. In every image you can show either the whole of, or part of a person, a face or a body detail. There can be more then one person in the images. This could be a …

  13. danmacarandang

    The View from Inside


    Creative Workshop 2: “The view from inside”

    Building on the session workshops and lectures, you should photograph from the ‘inside’. Photograph as Nan Goldin says ‘Your Tribe’. Study someone you are close to and make images with them that are of an intimate nature. Pay attention both to negotiation of …

  14. danmacarandang

    The Negotiation


    Her name is Mely, a mother of 8 and separated. She manage to struggle life by putting up a “sari-sari store” near Quirino Grandstand. A business that sells a variety of goods; cigarette, canned foods, bread, bottled water, soda, hard boiled egg, noodle soup, coffee, nachos, and meals (breakfast, lunch, …

  15. danmacarandang

    Birthday for a Cause


    Often a child’s birthday party consist of good food, fun games, birthday cake, entertainment, goody or loot bags, mascots and happy songs. This once in a year event enable us to celebrate as the term implies, the day on which our child were born. We try our best that this …

  16. danmacarandang

    Ondoy Tyhoon (Ketsana) and Santi (Mirinae)


    EDSA Southbound – Traffic builds up at Ortigas MRT station on a knee-deep flood due to typhoon Ondoy around 10:00 am, Sept 26, 2009. Traffic to the north bound lane were almost immobile.
    Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Starting to recover from the typhoon Ondoy, days after, comes Santi (Mirinae) and …

  17. danmacarandang

    Local Children at Morong Bataan Beach


    Nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makausap ang mga batang ito ng sila ay lumapit sa akin. “Merry Christmas, Happy new year po”, yan ang katagang kanilang nasambit. Mabilis kong napansin na mayroon silang ibig iparating na wari baga’y may hiling sa akin. “Mayroon ba po kayong barya? Mamamasko po sana …

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