1. davebarr

    Keys to The Past: TDC603


    Today’s daily create is a story about a key…


    I seem to have a key collection. There are way too many keys in my collection to tell a proper story. Maybe it could be a novel; one of those long rambling ones that never seem to end.

    Why do …

  2. davebarr

    ds106 Reflections: Week 1


    I started the week by watching the three videos…

    …embedded in the assignment. Some of what I took from these includes:

    1. Great ideas often come from hunches that have time to incubate and collect a cluster of related ideas/concepts – this process requires CONNECTIONS to happen.

    2. To be …

  3. davebarr

    Elegance21: DailyCreate


    21st century elegance… a personal choice.

    This is public seating in a tiny parkette between two tall buildings. Furniture has to be functional, durable and too heavy to carry away. I think the designer achieved these goals and a measure of elegance as well.

    And here’s my little story (fictional …

  4. davebarr

    106/601: DailyCreate


    ds106-tdc601 frontwards & backwards

    A salute to the 601st daily create for ds106 and the reversibility of 106/601, backwards, frontwards, whatever.

    This was done with 3D-CREATE and GifBoom on the iPad.

  5. davebarr

    DC #600: DailyCreate


    Expressing 600 without using numbers…

    This animated gif has been created in honor of the 600th daily create for ds106.

    The graphics were created with InkPad and converted to an animated gif with GifBoom, all on the iPad.

  6. davebarr

    BumbleBear – DailyCreate


    Bumblebee as Teddy Bear…

    I cheated on this, of course. I started with a photo of an actual bumblebee and then converted it to a line drawing using ShockMyPic on the iPad. Then, also on the iPad I proceeded to further modify the image using SketchBook Mobile, another iPhone/iPad app.…

  7. davebarr

    Dented Coke Can: DailyCreate


    Deep indentation in a Coca-Cola can:

    Here’s my daily create, something with an indentation. This is the second image I’ve uploaded to Flickr today. I try to upload an iPhone photo every day, just to keep my own creative juices going. Some I like a lot, others not so much. …

  8. davebarr

    Welcome to DS106 from Me


    We’re headless, right? So I figured why not..

    Yeah! I’m a newbie, but so what? Why not offer my own welcome to DS106. It’s all about attitude, right?

    That’s the way I felt especially after I had seen the short video, ‘Georgia Tech Welcome.’ shared by Darren Barron originally to …

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