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    I never got to post my vapor wave images on here only on my site, so i thought id share. hope you enjoy it was a very pleasent experience i thank you so much professor for teaching me things that I will actually use in the future. One of my …

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    Final Post


    Ive been feeling CRAZY this finals week. bags are setting in, i have a terrible cold, and I have to work overtime at work for christmas. 5 classes never been so hard and stressful. God please be with me and help me pass all my classes. It’s been really hard …

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    Reaction Gif


    I chose this reaction gif for today because I love Jim Carey he’s one of my favorite comedic actors of all times. I also chose this Gif because I watched The Human Centipede last night and it was so gross and disturbing. This was my reaction.…

  4. dememc44

    what makes me happy


    At the time I didn’t make this post because I didn’t realize what truly made me happy but once I got home today and seen my little poodle max it made such a horrible day so much better. It made me realize how much I love animals. They are so …

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    Nicki Minaj is my favorite female rapper. She has inspired me to become a rapper myself. I thought I should show my appreciation to her by making a Gif of her image. I chose the frame that i did because it reminded of another one of my favorite artist Tekashi…
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    So today before I got to class I overheard  a couple of guys on the bus discussing a girl that one of the guys were going to bring over later. I didn’t want to be nosey but it was funny to me that after he spent 30 minutes discussing how …

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