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    It All Come’s Together!


    (week 14) STOP SCROLLING AND CLICK!! it’s worth

    Okay I know everyone including myself is just about ready to be done with school but for the odd balls out there who want to dig deeper into their peers work I’ve got you covered. There have been some fantastic projects done …

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    Progress is Progress


    (week 13) Final project report

    This week we were tasked with writing up an outline for what our project will be and what it will look like. I am aiming to connect THREE different streams of media for this project which I know is a bare minimum but what I …

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    I messed up…


    (week 12)

    Okay yeah that was click bait, but for real! I wasn’t able to complete this weeks assignments on time or at all honestly. I know that this is out of character for me but after last week and my short film was finally complete and posted to YouTube

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    Onto The Next!


    (week 11)

    Yet another week is done and for this in particular I wanted to just make this post and the idea blog post jumbled into one. I still stand by my original post and want to accomplish all of that. Which I know isn’t ideal but this week has …

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    Midway Report


    (day 1) I’m not sure if this is really needed but I wanted to at least keep it for my own personal record. I’ve been brainstorming and writing my shot list for the past couple days and I really like where it is headed. I have recruited one of my …

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    (week 10)

    I’m super hype about this week because this is going to be right down my ally of what I want to get better at and do more of Videography! I completed 2 Daily Creates which were fun and interesting and then went straight into researching and looking over …

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    For this week I wanted to try and do something a little bigger and more out of my comfort zone so I decided to take up option one; creating a short film that tells a story, my story being finding adventure and in this case finding my happy place. …

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    (week 9)

    This week was not a total break but it was nice having less to do for sure, very needed break. Because this week was so light I was able to complete my daily creates and reworks relatively quickly in order to put some more time and thought into …

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    Story Time!….again


    This time it’s a bit different in that we are just brainstorming on what some story concepts might look like for our final projects. Because this is the primary focus of this week I wanted to give it some thought and really link it back to my original story on …

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    Where it all began


    I wasn’t sure what was meant by using hyperlinks to connect my story but I can do my best to guide you (the reader) to all of my posts and what happened in which order!

    It all began with a simple thought…what if I created a fake story to the …

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    Radio Live Show


    This week was a lot of fun and I enjoyed tuning into bits and pieces of everyone’s radio shows on ds106 Radio! I really enjoyed listening to Stories of Our Stories I think because it was pretty closely related to my groups podcast in that it was based off …

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    Wrap It Up!


    This week has been pretty eventful but luckily I had a great team to work with and we made it all work out in our favor and finished with a great final Show. This week we had to create a couple daily creates on our twitter accounts and so I …

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    The Show Must Go On


    This week was a little bit hectic and required some coordination. Luckily I had an amazing team and we got our shit together and knocked it out. Originally we wanted to meet on Monday, however other important projects and jobs sort of stripped that from us. Tuesday was our day …

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    Week by Week!


    This week has been challenging because I have this group project along with another pretty big group project that I’m working on so it gets difficult to balance everything but I managed to get done what needed to get done so far. This post will be pretty similar to and …

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    Bumper bumps!


    For our radio show we agreed we all wanted to create something original rather than using our old and previously created bumpers so here we go! For this assignment I chose to create a new bumper with a sound that our group decided to stay consistent with and use on …

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    Sticker/ Logo design


    I had a lot of fun creating my logo design this week!. I wanted it to be simple yet appealing to the eye, so I first went onto 1001 fonts to pick out something I felt fit the radio vibe that my group and I were planning on doing (childhood …

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    Anatha One!


    week 6 (weekly summary)

    This week was a lot of busy work but there was also a lot of rewarding work too! It started out by asking us for our definition on what design means to us and how it can be applied and what its fundamentals are comprised of, …

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    For this assignment I took a basic silhouette picture off the web and added a little quote to create the poster! Motivation often comes in simple one liners for a lot of people and that’s what this poster aims to capture. See it and get going! …

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    Going Famous!


    For this assignment out of the design principles section, I chose to create a cover for VOGUE magazine. I did this before I saw that on the homepage there was a recently added “Vogue Challenge” assignment. So I’m keeping it here for old times sake! I was inspired to do …

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    TDC in a nutshell!


    This week we had some fun daily creates and I actually learned about icebergs! For this weeks daily creates I went with some fun options and got to play around with more photography! On my twitter its easy to see what I chose to post but if you aren’t following …

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    This assignment was good to get out and be more observant, It’s easy to forget how much is all around us and what everything means because we are constantly at sensory overload! But this week I chose to look out for a couple of my favorite design principles: Color, Symbols, …

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    This assignment was the hardest but most rewarding! I was tasked with taking an original song and a cover and mixing them together. It was tough getting them exactly right because they are obviously going to be slightly off, but that’s all a part of the challenge and when it …

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