1. devangel426

    Part #5: Finale and Weekly Summary 15


    *I forgot that I had to do all of this in one single blog post and by the time I finished my third part of my project, it was too late. So I’m going to combine my finale (Part 5) and my weekly summary into this post, as well as …

  2. devangel426

    Part #4: Fugitive


    As we move closer towards the end of this story, Popeye finds himself on the run and a wanted fugitive of all major federal law enforcement agencies. With this thought in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to use the “WANTED Poster” assignment as a basis for …

  3. devangel426

    Part #3: Refusal to Confront Issues/Legal Problems


    The next chapter of this adventure revolves around Popeye’s refusal in answering the world’s questions about the global crisis regarding spinach shortages. I searched into the vast areas of the assignment bank, and I finally found one that I thought was appropriate enough for my theme. It is called “…

  4. devangel426

    Part #2: Major Problem


    In Popeye’s next part of his adventure, he encounters a major obstacle that was shaped in the form of a web assignment. How dangerous right? The web assignment that immediately came into my mind is the “Storytelling Within the Web” and revisiting this assignment provided some great creativity …

  5. devangel426

    Weekly Summary #11 and #12!


    Whew what a two weeks these have been. Despite the seemingly small workload, these video assignments were a lot more difficult and annoying than I thought. But at the same time, I had fun with some actually and it was a great learning experience as usual with each passing week …

  6. devangel426

    Conversation with Myself


    Original Assignment (5 Stars)

    Out of every single assignment I had to do for this class, this annoyed, pissed, and irritated me the most because of how much I had to do just for this assignment. I am so glad I got this over with because editing the clips I …

  7. devangel426

    Capitals Pump Up Video!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    For my last video assignment, I decided to do the “Sports Team Pump-Up Video”. The team I decided to use was the Washington Capitals (yes, I realized a few people have already chosen this team for their assignment, but I felt like hockey is the best …

  8. devangel426

    Family Guy Connected Clips!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    The next video assignment I decided to work on is the “Connected Clips” one. This initially was tough for me because I had a hard time deciding what show to do that had a good amount of reoccurring themes. Then I realized the show “Family Guy” …

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