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    Week Five: Audio Storytelling

    Create Yourself Anew

    Out of the choices that I got to choose, creating social media posts was the best option because the amount of background on Robert Neville was not much. All that I knew was it was set in Los Angeles in 1976. I really wanted to create a …

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    Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me?



    Why do you think the creators chose audio as the medium?

    I believe it sets the tone of an apocalyptic world, because they would not have TVs nor internet. Radio signals can move across the world and is very reliable for communication.

    How well does the crowd-sourced audio work …

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    Reading and Resource Reflection


    Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class.

    Prior to this class my only experience to audio was with my mom, who was once a radio host. She was a Vietnamese radio host and she would talk all night at the station. From personal experiences, I used …

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    What They Might Have Done in Social Media


    The context to this tweet was how Robert Neville became immune to the vampire like virus. He was bitten by an infected bat and some how he had built an immunity to the virus that spread on the Earth.

    The context to his Facebook posts were when he lost his …

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    Films, Reflections, and GIFs


    Reflection to Le Jétee

    Le Jétee was an interesting short film, the plot reminded me of a M. Night Shyamalan movie. The plot twist at the end blew my socks off! The only emotion I felt from the movie was shock because of the plot. What portrayed it was the …

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    Thinking about Photos!


    What I learned (through the Tips page)?

    Although many of the tips I have already known, but what I took out of the tips page was: Pay Attention to the Moment and But a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background. Most of the time I take still photos …

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    Week 3: Writing the Apocalypse!


    I started off this week with creating the required daily create, which I found amusing because I hope others did. I felt like this week had a lot of activities done on WordPress and Twitter. For generated apocalypse story, I pressed on the suggest button for a random amount …

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    Short Story Readings!


    For the two that I chose out of the list were:

    Finis by Frank L. Pollack There will come soft rains by Ray Bradbury

    Did you enjoy them? Why or why not?

    From Pollack’s story he included a lot detail creating an image in your head. One thing I did …

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    New Emerging Technology – Tesla: Model 3


    The Tesla Model 3, is a fully electric car created by Elon Musk. How it made pre=existing technology better is by adding numerous functionality inside the car. This car is the first fully electric car used by the public. This car will help eliminate the use of non-renewable fuel and …

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    That Bucket List Though


    Before I kick the bucket, here are some things I would like to do before I go!

    Sky Diving Have a billion dollars piled in front of me Go to space Set a world record Ride all the roller coasters in the world

    Reason why I chose sky diving, is …

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    I like to move it move it


    What was your favorite part?

    My favorite part was living with one the greatest people I know Being able to live on my own No bed time!

    Least favorite?

    Taking responsibility for myself Taking care of myself Carrying heavy boxes

    Was it hard saying goodbye?

    It was very exciting to…
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    Week 2: Planning, Characters, & Site Work


    This week was packed full of reading and analyzing different types of apocalypses! It started of with creating a story either from truth or fiction. My story that I created was fiction, however it could be possible! The inspiration was me thinking in my head “What is the most absurd …

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    Choose Your Own Apocalypse


    What did you think about the versions of the apocalpyse outlined in End Day? How would you react in the situations that were shown? Which situation was most frightening (or silly)?

    I believe the five versions are pretty standard and most popular in media that we have today.

    Tsunami – …

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    Random Story!


    It all started with a banana peel on the ground at a diner. How did it end up there and who got it there? His name is Carl Steezer, a nobody from nobody town. Little did Carl know that he is about to start a total chaos in this small …

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