1. Downes



    January 14, 2017. This is our vacuum cleaner, the photo taken in the middle of the living room as the last thing I did before going to bed. Did some spinning, some writing, some coding – a relaxed kind of day. Accomplishments: – review of a longish document …

  2. Downes

    Winter Leaves


    January 13, 2016. Chilly cold today. Forgot my badge so I parked on the other side of the building. This was the view outside the front window of my car. Couple meetings, some errands, and a little bit of actual work done. …

  3. Downes

    The Bridge


    January 12, 2016. This is the Nation River at the railway bridge where it crosses at Casselman in the foggy morning light. Good today, advanced quite a bit in my understanding of server virtualization. …

  4. Downes

    Pitahaya blanca


    January 11, 2017. These Pitahaya blanca, aka dragon fruit, were observed at the Embrun Indepenent grocery store, which is where I went for lunch when the power cut out in Casselman. We were in the dark most of the day, even though it was sunny and warm. But we had …

  5. Downes

    Buddha on Glass


    January 10, 2017. I bought this Buddha when I was in Thailand; I selected it because it was the oldest and unpolished-looking in the set. It sits on my dining room table. I spent the day today partially in my home office and partially at the dining room table working …

  6. Downes

    Dim Sun


    January 9, 2016. This is the CSIS building on a cold overcast January day as seen from the parking lot where I work. Short project meeting, some more Python practice, a couple errands, and that was my day. Listened to a lot of Metric and Sara Barellis. Accomplishments: – completed …

  7. Downes



    January 8, 2017. I spent the ulk of the day rebuilding my desktop software envirnment (would have been easierwith faster download speeds). The fresh new Windows 10 is zippier than the ugrade installed over Windows 7. Also did more Codecademy Python. Getting near the end. …

  8. Downes

    Clean Plastic Wrap


    January 7, 2016. Another visit to the zoo (aka Costco) today. This is out back, which was the only place to find parking. It’s full of mystery. Is this where they store plastic wrap or (as I assume) where they dispose of it for recycling? Why is there still snow …

  9. Downes



    January 6, 2017. Quite cold today with a clear blue sky. I see this church every day when I drive in – it’s at ‘the turn’ on the 417 just past Anderson Road. To take this picture, though, I went off the highway and down a back road to get …

  10. Downes

    Bright Blue Sky


    January 5, 2016. This is the side of highway 417 where I had to wait a few moments while they hauled a car out of the ditch. The blue sky means colder temperatures and that’s what we got. Accomplishments: – wrote a short article on tech making us smarter – …

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