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    Winding down!


    Phew. It’s March 28th, and that means that the 5th semester of the ILT graduate program is coming to an end for me. I’m not sure why I’m feeling a bit retrospective tonight, but I’d be lying if I said I was anything but ready to complete these last 5 …

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    Minesweeper 53, Dustin 0


    Well, this cycle took me back to being 10 years old, and 12, and 17, and 21… and 29. Why? Because the game Minesweeper has haunted me for two-thirds of my life.

    I’ve got lots to talk about for this Play Journal, but before I get to my triumphs (or …

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    Everyday CARP-ing


    CARP in design work is essential to use to ensure that the product maxes it’s purpose for the audience. I could have copped out and said that CARP just makes things “great”, but I went with the more professional response. I’ve been in the INTE program for 3 semesters now, …

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    Starting my semester in…Portland!


    I figured after a long break between the Fall/Spring semesters that the only thing I could do to re-energize was to go on PTO and get out of Colorado… for the first week of new classes! It was a spontaneous decision to come out to Portland last week, and I …

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    2016 was a good year for music.


    We’re a few days into the new year, and I want to share my favorite 10 albums of the 2016 with everyone. No new albums have been released in 2017 yet, so this list is still in time. I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago, but it …

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    Using the WordPress Mobile App

    What is the name of the app?


    Who is the publisher/creator?

    An Automattic Program

    What platforms is the app available on? (Android, iOS, etc)

    This application is available on iOs via the Apple App Store, Androids via Google Play, and a Desktop interface.

    Provide a brief description of the…
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    I made a video! “How to Properly Pour a Beer”


    When I read the topic “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”, I had to do some research. The first interpretation I had was that one word can mean many things. That morphed into one task being done many different ways. So, I did my video on How to …

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    Apprehensions & Removals Infographic Project


    Phew… This one was a doozy! What a learning experience!

    Lessons Learned

    Creating this infographic was a very important learning experience for me as a training professional. In all honesty, I didn’t know what an infographic was before this assignment. I was completely unfamiliar with the C.A.R.P. principles before starting …

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    Drawing Toast… INTE 6710


    These TED talks on using drawing were very interesting. Like stated at the beginning of both talks, I consider myself a person who would say “I can’t draw”. I found the techniques of just using simple shapes, combined, to create actual pictures a lot of fun. I think the way …

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    Infographic… Rough draft!


    Any feedback related to the following questions???


    1) What are you opinions on the color scheme that was used in reference to consistency?

    2) With regards to contrast, is there enough variance to pull the important points of the infographic out?

    3) How do you feel about the layout …

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    Favorite Infographic and CRAP…


    There were some really great infographics in in the top 100 article provided…

    I’m still new to infographics – not as a concept, because I feel in the past couple weeks I’ve really begun to understand their purpose and why they exist, but I’m still daunted by the process of …

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    Dustin’s INTE 5340 Final Course Reflection!


    Me as a learner in this course: I started off this course with a complete blank slate. This was my first semester in the CU Denver ILT graduate program. This semester I did a lot of learning by just “failing and flailing”. I took Professor Elliot’s advice from the first …

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    Dustin’s INTE 5340 Final Portfolio!

    How and why is it important to tell stories???

    If you’d have asked me this before this semester, I would have said something like, “Because people need something to talk to each other about.” Let’s just say my opinion has changed a little bit throughout my first semester as a …

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    Week 14 Digital Story – Craft Beer in Japan


    I’ve been focusing a lot on beers here in Colorado, but what about overseas in a not-so-common market… Japan.

    I don’t think it’s a secret that the craft beer boom is a real thing. I am interested in how it’s expanding international. Stone announced in 2015 they were opening up …

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    Week 14 Daily Create #tdc1564


    Keeping up with my theme… #tdc1564 “Find a photograph that captures the words of Shakespeare. Even better if you can go beyond the literal.”

    3. Henry V: Act 1, Scene 3

    “I would give all my fame for a pot of ale”

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