1. Dr. Oblivion

    A Message from Barnaby


    Dr. Barnaby Oblivion, longtime resident and physician of Swaffham passed away in his home yesterday. Dr. Oblivion had been in the Swaffham hospital for the past two weeks recovering from pneumonia and just released from the facility several hours before his passing. His sister, who was bedside when he passed, …

  2. Dr. Oblivion

    “Long Live the New Flesh”


    When I heard Jim Groom say that the young Mr. John Oblivion “has trouble with his sweater,” I nearly re-broke my nose as the tea I was drinking came flying out of it and sprayed across my still scarred chest. The gall of that man Groom  insulting the gentleman sweater …

  3. Dr. Oblivion

    Happy Birthday America and Unwashed Hippies


    As I sit here looking at the Twitter I see Jim Groom is busy commenting about unwashed hippies. I saw that a man made a flag with the skulls and crossbones and a black and white American flag. The longer I watch this group of people the more I am …

  4. Dr. Oblivion

    Recovery and TwitterHugs


    I  have been pondering the TwitterHug concept these last two days in recovery. My nose is still sore and the numerous abrasions I have have started to itch as the scabbing dries. I have had a very relaxing two days and had some time to wonder about the potential for …

  5. Dr. Oblivion

    Some Bad Dreams After the Mr. Fixer


    I don’t want to trouble anyone with my nightmares these last two days but I have struggled to get a good nights rest. To add to the trouble I watched Justin’s telly today and watched Bianca Oblivion, clearly no relation to me, and listened to Jim Groom.

    It was fitting …

  6. Dr. Oblivion

    Back Home, Finally


    I do not know what has transpired since this morning. Thankfully I was able to leave the hospital much sooner that the dreadful doctors had thought. My own story is left unchanged and confirmed now beyond doubt that Mr. Groom had sent a man after me. He admitted as much …

  7. Dr. Oblivion

    Like Being Watched


    Earlier this morning I had some terrible events on the Twitter. It seems as if everyone is against me and accuses me of something! I am not perfect and I have made some grievous errors, but I have now told the complete truth and ill will is not warranted. Yet …

  8. Dr. Oblivion

    The Truth Must Be Told


    I will confess. For a short time I attempted to be the Dr. Oblivion Mr. Groom so desperately seemed to want. And in my own way I attempted to play along with his ruse. I am guilty of that. Of playing a part and making motions to control Mr. Groom …

  9. Dr. Oblivion

    I Will Look Too


    Even though I am becoming more and more suspicious that Mr. Groom is in the shed, I shall hope not as it is infested with flies and roaches. To be sure I am here, full of life. But no matter, what the people think is not of my concern. What …

  10. Dr. Oblivion

    The Truth Is Oblivious in 4 Icons


    I will not mince words or icons here as to me, especially after the bizarre events of this morning, the control of this course has clearly shifted in my direction. Before I was simply the commander, the leader, and the very heart of our vessel. Now, I have gained empathy …

  11. Dr. Oblivion

    The Real Ruler Of the Class


    On our first evening together I believe it is important to clear the boundaries and make certain we all have a clear vision of our leadership. It is simple: I am the leader. My vessel, my surrogate, the bag of bones living a life Treme and Game of Thrones as …

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