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    Final Post


    As stressful as this semester has been, I seriously enjoyed this class. I learned how to make digital content that i never knew how to like GIFs for example. I want to save all of the tutorials that the professor … Continue reading →

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    So I saw this…… AND THEN I WAS LIKE THIS In case you guys don’t know ReBoot is one of the fringe CGI cartoons from the 90’s that just really hits close to childhood. It seriously seems like 2015 is … Continue reading →

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    Made some artsy gifs


    Decided to make some gifs of some visualizers and visual effect videos. Some of them came out pretty cool. Thinking of making a page for my site specifically for gifs like these along with some atmospheric artwork. Tweet Share on … Continue reading →

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    Mid-terms got me like…


    Visual representation of having mid-term assignments being thrown at me from left and right. I’d like to give special thanks to all of my professors!  =) Tweet Share on Tumblr…

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    So my friends and I started a little game where we have to “build the perfect song”. To play you have to pick 3 artists for the song. One rapper for the verses, one singer for the chorus, and a … Continue reading →

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    Music of today……


    So this happened…. Classmate: Can I listen to some music on your phone? Me: Sure (hands her phone) Classmate: (10 min later) You don’t got any Future? Me:   Classmate: No Def loaf? Me: Classmate: You don’t got any Fetty … Continue reading →

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    Lawwwwddd CHILDISH!!!


    So the multi-talented Childish Gambino covered So Into You (1998) by Tamia. And it was amazing… And my mom was like….. And my sister was like…. View post on imgur.com And I was like……. Tweet Share on Tumblr…

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    Manga breaks :'(


    Just a simple representation of what goes on in my head when my favorite manga series goes on break week break after it LITERALLY just got back from another break!.   Here’s the original video. Here to Stay by KoRn. … Continue reading →

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    Cyberpunk is a genre I am totally in love with. From the futuristic setting to the film noir elements to it. Usually set in high tech setting, in a dystopian society, with a gritty street vibe atmosphere to it. Then … Continue reading →

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