1. @dvaldez_95

    DS106 Advice


    For future DS106ers, I really advice to be open minded. I remember at the beginning of the year I would get pretty frustrated trying to complete an assignment a certain way. But the thing is, things won’t always go as smoothly as you think. There will be obstacles and this …

  2. @dvaldez_95

    Final Project / Weekly Summary


    For my final project I tried to create a story through different forms of media such as audio, video, design and web. It took much more effort than I had originally planned, and in the end I had to make some cuts in order to finish the assignment in time. …

  3. @dvaldez_95

    Final Project Update


    I have started multiple parts of my project, and its coming together, slowly but surely. I’ve started working on this audio piece using Audacity. It’ll serve as the intro to my story, kind of like those movies where audio from the upcoming scene begins playing while the intro credits are …

  4. @dvaldez_95

    Final Project Week 1 Progress


    This week was all about brainstorming and creating an outline for what I want to do. It was tough coming up with an idea that could work for this project because it involves using multiple sorts of digital media and I had to figure out something that could incorporate them …

  5. @dvaldez_95

    Week 11 Summary


    This week I was able to get more practice using Movie Maker. I had fun with these mashup and remix assignments. Assignments like the character mashup allowed me to go back and re-watch scenes from this show throughout the seasons. As I watched them I noticed several film techniques that …

  6. @dvaldez_95



    I have gotten to practice using Windows Movie Maker, so I chose to make a tutorial on how to use it. I used my “My favorite thing to do” assignment to work with.

    To use the basics of Windows Movie Maker, first upload all the video you want to work …

  7. @dvaldez_95

    Remix 2


    This remix assignment was called “turn up the cheese”. It required making a good assignment bad. I chose to do one of my old design assignments, in which I had to design a logo. I created a different logo and made it look bad. I chose a bad design and …

  8. @dvaldez_95

    Remix 1


    The first remix I did was called “Countrify It”, which required me to add a country song to an old assignment.Every country song made the video seem kind of goofy but I finally decided to use the song “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney. I decided to use it on my …

  9. @dvaldez_95

    Mashup Assignment #3 (4 Stars)


    This assignment required the implementation of the Techno Viking Dancing into a music video. Finding a song that went with the dancing viking wasn’t too hard, I thought. The tricky part of was the editing. I had to time it well enough to where the viking was dancing to the …

  10. @dvaldez_95

    Mashup Assignment #2 (4 Stars)


    This assignment required a mashup of a character and to show their development throughout the show that they are in. I decided to go with Bran Stark from the HBO show Game of Thrones. First, I looked up scenes that included him from all six seasons. I then uploaded them …

  11. @dvaldez_95

    Mashup Assignment #1 (4 stars)


    This assignment was tricky in part because finding two scenes that worked well together took a good while. The assignment specified being as subtle as possible so that’s what I aimed to do. I looked up a bunch of movie scenes on Youtube and went through them. I finally decided …

  12. @dvaldez_95

    Video Assignment #3


    The assignment was Classical-Modern mashup. After searching for a video that won’t get blocked for copyright issues I landed on a music video by Justin Timberlake. I then chose the song Mozart Symphony #40 as the Classical piece. It was pretty tricky timing the song and video so that it …

  13. @dvaldez_95

    Video Assignment #2


    The assignment was Spoiler alert. I misread the directions and instead created a sort of movie trailer, so I’m uploading that instead.This assignment was pretty challenging, but I gained a lot of practice from it. I decided to do a trailer for one of my favorite shows Black Mirror. I …

  14. @dvaldez_95

    Video Assignment #1


    For this assignment I created a highlight reel of soccer player Lionel Messi. First, I went on Youtube and began searching for 5 different goals. That was the fun part. I then downloaded the videos using 4k Video Downloader and uploaded to Windows Movie Maker. Next, I began editing the …

  15. @dvaldez_95

    Weekly Summary


    This week went fairly smoothly. I enjoyed all the projects, but I think my favorite was the video essay. Like a lot of other people, I watched a movie just for the story and whatever cool graphics that may come along with it. This assignment really taught me how to …

  16. @dvaldez_95

    Video Assignment No.3 (4 stars)


    For this assignment I wanted the song to fit perfectly with the scene. This required extensive research for both footage and a good piece of audio that would work well together. I first started with the picking the right scenes. I wanted something action based. I went through different scenes …

  17. @dvaldez_95

    Video Assignment No. 2 (4 Stars)


    In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to create a tutorial video for paper claws. I remember making these all the time as a kid. They’re super fun and easy to make. I edited this video using Windows Movie Maker. I trimmed the video and then added text where I …

  18. @dvaldez_95

    Video assignment No.1 (4 stars)


    For this assignment I decided to record myself doing one of my favorite activities, hiking. We decided to hike Old Rag, a trail out West. For my video I wanted to show a little bit of everything, so I recorded video pretty often just to get a good amount of …

  19. @dvaldez_95

    Video Essay


    Choosing the right scene for my video essay was sort of challenging. I really wanted to have a scene that I could pick apart and describe the different shots being used. I went through several different movie scenes on Youtube until I remembered a movie I had seen recently, John …

  20. @dvaldez_95

    Storytelling within the Web.


    For this assignment, I decided to use a page from the New York Times website. I didn’t really know what to do at first, but as I messed around with X-ray goggles I began to form some ideas as to what my story was going to be. Another thing that …

  21. @dvaldez_95

    Dream Vacation (3.5 Stars)


    This assignment was fun to make because I’m actually planning to take this vacation next summer. My friends and I really want to travel through the entire west coast. We mostly want to visit the national/state parks, but we would also like to go into the cities a few times. …

  22. @dvaldez_95

    Radio Show Reflection


    The last radio show played, The Internet Gene, had a pretty good setup. I enjoyed the wide range of topics discussed, although it seemed a bit scattered. However, they did raise some good questions, such as when they discussed the effect of image editing software or when they pondered the …

  23. @dvaldez_95

    Personal Search Engine (3.5 stars)


    For this assignment I decided to create a search engine for students. I couldn’t figure out how to change the Bing logo, but I went ahead and changed all the other text on the website. This assignment wasn’t too hard so I give it 3.5 stars. If only a search …

  24. @dvaldez_95

    Radio Show Progress


    During the first week we set up a google docs that was available to all the group members. Through that we created our show title, wrote down potential ideas, and exchanged contact information. Throughout the week I also worked on individual assignments such as the logo and coming up with …

  25. @dvaldez_95

    Weekly Summary


    This week was pretty normal. The assignments took a good amount of time, but they were fun and I like putting effort into them so I don’t mind. I’ve been learning a lot from this class, especially in using Audacity. I’ve never done much audio editing, but I’ve been messing …

  26. @dvaldez_95

    Radio Show Progress


    This week we worked on our idea and concept of the show. We decided on our radio show title (History 2.0), which is based on our idea of discussing how the internet could’ve affected historical events. Our idea can go in several different directions so we still have to pinpoint …

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