1. Derek

    There’s no wealth like (digital) knowledge


    It was last spring, while talking to a friend, that I first heard of the Digital Storytelling class at UMW. He recommended it heavily, stressing how much fun he was having. That was all good, but really I just wanted an arts performance class so I could continue to inch …

  2. Derek



    I had some trouble with the video project. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to do but wasn’t really able to because of the technical limitations of my computer. Mostly it was that my computer couldn’t render heavily edited video at a reasonable frame rate. So instead …

  3. Derek

    Where is this Godless America?


    I found this episode of TAL to be pretty interesting, which is a nice change after the last one we listened to. Overall I thought it was  engaging, though there were a few parts that I found frustrating.

    It is ridiculous that evolution is still not fully accepted and taught …

  4. Derek



    For my video project I’ve decided to take footage from a movie and combine it with a song to make a music video. I’m still brainstorming what movie and song I will use. Also, I’ve been thinking I might try to combine footage from a movie with footage that I …

  5. Derek

    Honest WSJ


    For my web story I edited the home page of the Wall Street Journal. My intention was to poke fun at the WSJ and the kind of people reading it as well as address something of the underlying ideology of the news organization. It’s exaggerated and over the top but …

  6. Derek

    Sounds Like Summer


    For my segment I did the assignment Context.

    What I did was locate sounds from the movie Jaws, abstract them, manipulate them, and then construct them into a song. To do this I used GarageBand, which comes free with Macs. I spent about a day finding sounds. I …

  7. Derek

    DS106 Radio


    For my segment of the class’s radio program I’m going to attempt to do Context. In that assignment you “take the audio from one movie, the ambient sounds, a few words, etc.” and “remix it into something entirely new.”

    I’m not sure what movie I am going to pick. …

  8. Derek

    Forest Crawler


    I made this in Audacity using sound clips from here. This is my first time using Audacity, but I didn’t have too much trouble with it. The story is about a forest crawler.

    30 or so seconds by dwhitake

  9. Derek

    History as I remember it


    Here is my attempt at a “Troll Quote.” The purpose is to mess up the image, quote, and name of three related figures. I brainstormed for a bit, before coming up with my choices. I wanted to make sure I picked things that everyone would understand. Hopefully this …

  10. Derek

    You’ve changed


    I was originally planning to do Say it Like the Peanut butter. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble with that and so I decided to try a different visual assignment. My choice was “Common everyday object.” I saw that some other students had done this one so …

  11. Derek

    Paley v. Meanies


    I liked this episode. The first two Acts had some very good fiction; the Sedaris piece was very funny and the Sher story was surprisingly powerful. However, I found the the issues that came up in Act 3 to be the most arresting.

    What I found so striking was the …

  12. Derek

    Pre-Black Friday Week-End


    For my minimalist movie poster I choose the 1967 Godard film, Week-end. It’s one of my favorite films and one of the first that came to my mind when I thought of iconic/rememberable scenes.

    Near the beginning of the film there is a lengthy single take of the protagonists (sort …

  13. Derek

    Iconic Aquatic


    Here is my entry for the Four Icon Challenge, from The Life Aquatic. I got the icons from The  Noun Project and edited them in Photoshop. I tried to follow the example from the DS106 website where the icons have a basic, consistent color scheme. Below is the result. Let …

  14. Derek

    Ain’t no party like a Penn State party


    I had never listened to an episode of TAL before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From this first listen though I liked it. I’m hoping that future episodes will be as interesting.

    One of my questions going into this episode was, “Does being named the #1 party school …

  15. Derek






    It would have been a normal day






    If not for the mimes.






    I boarded a train,

    And they began to follow me.





    They followed me through the night





    And …

  16. Derek



    I’m excited to be starting my first blog on my first website. This is something very new to me, but I’m hoping I will get the hang of it quickly. Computer skills are not my strength so we’ll see.

    I’m looking forward to getting started on the more creative aspects …

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