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    What’s YOUR character


    Web Assignment 2: Buzzfeed Personality Quiz (4.5 stars)

    For the 2nd assignment I created a personality quiz on BuzzFeed using my favorite team as the personality characters. I used some of the best and most known players as the answers. I had a lot of fun doing this because I …

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    My ideal room


    Web Assignment 1: create your own room (4 stars)

    This assignment wanted us to create our ideal room using pinterest. The picture below is a good representation of what I would want my ideal room to look like, but then I went ahead and remixed some of the ideas with …

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    Week 7 Summary

    Completed Radio Show
    Radio Show Process and Progress
    As I mentioned before, my group with Mark, Ben, Anna did a good job of keeping everything on Google docs and delegating responsibilities accordingly. This week we met on Monday to go over all of the stuff we put on the docs…
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    Summary of Week 6


    So…. This Week we formed groups for our projects. Our projects are about making a radio station with a group and our is about weird stories around the world. We as a group hope to learn how to do a broadcast for you never know future reference. Our group has …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Our group of 4 has made a google doc so we can put in stories, bumpers, promos, and commercials. Anna and Ben made a great start to get us ahead with adding commercials,bumpers, and stories. I added one about Hurricane Matthew. I’m working on the commercial and bumpers. We also …

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    Week Summary 5


    All done week 5 crazy how time goes by so fast! This week has been a great week! I became an uncle this week to my nephew baby Jacob! This week has been one of the those make sure you got everything week and learn about design. Below are some …

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    This Photo of my nephew Jacob! This photo stands for unity because this little guy brought two families together but not only united us but all felt like the whole hospital was united.

    This photo represent balance for the equableness of size through the image.

    Photo shows color in the …

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    After taking sometime to read and reflect on The Vignelli Canon, I have a clearer understanding of the message being portrayed. I know a lot of people, myself included struggle with the concept of design, or the meaning of each design. When creating a piece of art, whether it be …

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    Week Summary Numero Tres


    This week I learned a lot about photography and the meaning of visualization. For my first assignment, I focused on giving my photos meaning by bringing them to “life”. Prior to this week I had very little exposure to photography and how much meaning one photo could represent. For the …

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    Here’s a screenshot of the time my Photoblitz began.

    This is the list.

    This photo represents Hope, whenever a person gets on a plane they hope to reach their next destination safely.

    The theme is Red, because the Washington Nationals won their game this evening against  the Braves, making it …

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    Becoming a Better Photographer


    Found most of the Photos off flickr

    Contrast: Show the young man running with light while the old man is sitting where it’s dark.

    Perspective: Shows the image thats far away to give the image meaning.

    Depth: The flowers are main focus so the person who took this photo wanted …

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    Photos Reflection


    My experience with doing photography is very minimal unless you count instagram and selfies… Usually the photos I take now are for instagram and Facebook. I try to capture how people are feeling or doing in my photos. Mostly I would say the emotion of whats going on in that …

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    Weekly Summary Numero 2


    This week was very hands on, detailed trying to push ourselves to be better blogger and storytellers. I need work on getting on a  habit of working on these once a day. I need to get in rhythm of checking my social media but also trying to think outside of …

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    Internet 46


    “A Logic Named Joe” Murray Leinster getting down the modern internet back in 1946 what’s crazy about this how accurate it guesses the problems  that happen when people find out to much information on the web out about personal information or such things as making bombs.  The smartphones now have …

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    Web 2.0


    Digital story telling is changing the way we express ourselves but also kinda of a getaway for the things we dream of or always wish we can do. Social media helps us express ourselves but also connect with others. Digital story telling I believe is great but should be used …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    Definitely #ds106 already pushing me outside my comfort zone with technology. I had no knowledge of making a website or blogging. Major struggle to get this started but as days go on I’m getting the hang of it. At first very frustrated with it all, but now very excited for …

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    Week Numero Uno


    1. How To Break Open The Internet

    After reading the article crazy to know how the internet is ran by companies. I was aware of the government to sensor what we can put out there. Companies running the internet is such a business way to take over the internet to …

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    Show Your Work


    While reading this post I was doing mostly reflections of myself and life. The articles talks about if we want something lets make it known. Go after for what you want but you can’t be timid. We have to speak up, not make excuses, learn as we go. We also …

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    Whats up everyone! I’m Elvin Arbaiza a Senior at University of Mary Washington Also a Business Major.  So this is my first time blogging so bare with me. Some facts about me I play for Mary Wash Men’s soccer team and enjoy fashion. Not to good at these introduction but …

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