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    ds106 Final Crisis: Time Travel with Tech and Mellow Man


    The final result of our work concerning our story is a video using sounds recorded in Audacity, with the characters represented by their image made with Heromachine3. It is a multimedia approach to storytelling because its a video made using both design and sound storytelling. David Cherbosky is a friend …

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    Week 12 Summary


    The mash-up were hard not because of the assignments themselves but because all the image editors I tried were nearly impossible to work with tool and UI wise. I swear I’ve had better luck doing picture editing in Word and PowerPoint…

    Otherwise, everything else went smoothly.

    Mash-up: Holiday Mash up

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    Remixes: Cool Mood Swap


    My first remix builds off of one of my originals. Below is a logo named after my superhero creation Tech. The color scheme and background compliment it as a very Technological theme.

    The assignment behind it was remixed with mood swap. I decided to change the text to be ironic …

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    Tutorial: Using Cool Letters


    Once your on www.coolletters.net, you star by clicking on “Customize” under any logo template.

    The Text section is for the word. What it is, along with its font, spacing, and rotation.

    The Logo tab affects the color of the text.

    The Shadow section is for shadows behind the text.

    And …

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    Mash up: Close Up


    The Here’s Johnny! close up from the shining in a brewery bar representing some people on a Friday night. Made with Photoscape.

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    Through different lenses: pencils and sketches


    For this assignment I decided to have the main features incomplete drawing finished by pencils due to their shape, but also do some pencil only designs.

    We start with the standard pencil being held as normal.

    Then we get to completed sketches.

    First, Pikemen in formation

    An AT-AT from Star …

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    How it began: The New Age of Calradia


    So I enjoy a game called Mount and Blade: Warband…

    It was in a tavern in Uxkhal, which then belonged to the now former kingdom of Swadia that I met him. I didn’t take much notice of him when he entered, but when he initiated conversation with me, he proved …

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    Radio Show Progress Part 2


    We laid down our idea, an interview between a show host and a retired hero, and delegated assignments. Ultimately, Hannah and Megan did the interview, Courtney did the reverse songs and the intro, everyone did ads, and I put the sounds together in Audacity.…

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    Radio show results


    This is the final result of our group project to make a radio show. The style is as an interview between Hannah Woehrle and Megan Liberty. Reverse songs and the intro were made by Courtney Owen and all the sound was put together by yours truly. Everyone contributed ads.

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    Weekly Summary 4


    This week was hard to put to paper. It is going to be interesting in the future trying to portray my superhero, Tech, from DS’s many perspectives. Probably my major problem was lack of resources to make Tech a visual reality.

    Daily Creates were fun as usual and it was …

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    Anatomy of an image


    Having read the articles and looked at historical examples I know that art is message driven, this includes photographs. Photos, either on their own or in a series, can tell a story. Here are some images that exemplify a feature of an image.


    The image from the show Samurai …

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    In order:




    Shadow created from multiple light sources


    Dead Beetles (Destruction)

    Cigarette butte (Something that makes you sick)


    End time…

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    Places of peace


    I have more often then not found peace in things rather than places. I like books, I like music, I like playing on my computer. If there is a place I feel at peace in it is a place in Massachusetts called Pochet Island which the bridge sketch represents.…

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    Day in the life of a superhero: double life


    Joseph got up early in the morning for his 9-5 job as usual. He hasn’t had a raise or a promotion but the pay is good for his job and with GIS analysts in constant demand he won’t be let go soon.

    Meanwhile, Tech has fully explored the Milky Way …

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