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    How to Unlock Your (and Your Student’s) Innovative Mindset “We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves.”
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    When Did You Know?

    Growing Up Transgender
    ​ Assigned the designation of female at birth, Gabe knew from an early age that he was a boy. In this touching story, Gabe and Chris Lopez recollect the moment that Gabe discovered he was transgender and his struggle to tell his mother, Chris, that he was…
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    Digital Storytelling Tools

    Sure, we all know that Digital Storytelling is great! It helps all students, especially struggling writers, find their authorial voices. But, if we don’t know which Digital Storytelling tools to use, we can’t help our students unlock their inner Steinbecks. Luckily, Jacqui Murray has come to our rescue. After no doubt…
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    Digital Story Critique: Farming for Education

    “I just wanted to be like the other girls.”

    In her digital story, Alemitu Abebe details her inner struggle to choose her life’s direction. Farming or education? In her community, located in the Konso region of Ethiopia, farming is a way of life. Alemitu wants nothing more than to be …

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    Everyone Has a Story

    “We are now part of a global movement, a little niche of a media practice that prides itself on gathering committed souls who cherish the opportunity to help people with their stories…Writing the history of this work is no longer the task of a single chapter in a single volume…
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    Lena Gets Barreled!

    For this assignment, we needed to take a “dramatic” photo of someone and superimpose it upon an unrelated background.

    Since I enjoy surfing and LOVE my niece, Lena, I decided to combine the two.

    So, without further adieu, I present….


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    Digital Story Critique: Coffee Cart Compassion

    In Coffee Cart Compassion, the digital storytellers at Soul Pancake choose to highlight the efforts of Special Education teacher, Sadie Guthrie, to integrate her students into the Lawton school community. Sadie teaches students with severe cognitive disabilities how to run a coffee cart. They go out into the community and…
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    Propaganda in the Age of Social Media

    In a PBS Blank on Blank interview from 1958, Aldous Huxley speaks about a future world where “impersonal forces….are pushing in the direction of less and less freedom.” Among these forces he counts overpopulation, mind-controlling drugs, propaganda, and, most pertinent to this blog, technology.

    “All technology is in itself moral …

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    In Chapter Seven of New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning, Lankshear argues that traditional brick and mortar universities are transmitting knowledge in a static vacuum that does not prepare students to think in the creative ways necessary to solve in-context (i.e. on the job) problems. Since this is the…
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    A Struggle Within Reach

    Digital Critique

    In “A Struggle Within Reach,” Jacinta tells the story of Lucha Alcanzable, an indigenous Mayan woman living in Peru. Lucha’s father believes that she should discontinue her schooling so that she can get married, have children, and take care of her family. However, Lucha has plans of her …

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    Rewind it Selector!


    “Some see the format and process of remix itself as ideological in nature and part of a larger cultural critique of ideas and assumptions about authorship or the ownership of art. For this reason, reworking parts of the existing music canon (e.g., a Beatles song, a Beethoven symphony) and re-envisioning…
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    Special Education: A Prison for Some



    First, the background:

    In her moving account of her life as a Special Education student (published via Storycorps), Kaylynn details the shame she felt as she progressed through grammar, middle, and high schools. For her, having an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), was a traumatic experience …

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