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    23 Movies That These Folks Say Deserves A Sequel


    Ask anyone, and you are bound to get varying reasons as to why some movies should have a sequel. Some would argue that some movies should have a continuation because of, for example, how they end–leaving behind many unanswered questions, or how well they do at the box office to …

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    The Recent Trends: The Embrace Of Marijuana!?


        Is Marijuana On The Rise Again In The USA?   Marijuana, also called a weed, pot or cannabis, was first cultivated in Asia, around 500 BC, before making its way to the rest of the world, including the USA. And this spread was aided by the fact that …

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    You May As Well Be Dead To Everyone If You Lose This


    Let’s begin by defining the word, “trust,” to give us a general idea of what it means for a person to trust another person or business. The Cambridge Dictionary defines trust as “to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe …

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    13 Effective Study Methods That Work Like A Charm


    Studying, especially when not done right, can be, for example, stressful, boring and difficult. And this is in addition to having no understanding of what is being read after spending all the time studying.   One, to avoid all of these, needs to know how to study correctly. So, we …

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    NASA, Space Programs And Women


    It is no secret that women have been underestimated and underrepresented in many facets of life, especially in sectors and industries that are considered to be ” mentally difficult” to work in and would require a lot of brain work and thinking.         Many of these industries, …

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    Is The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Real?


    It may sound wrong and disrespectful, in some quarters, to say that old people behave like kids because of some important differences, but there are, indeed, some solid reasons why this is true.   These reasons make one wonder if there are not two phases in life— The childhood phase …

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