1. elisse

    Summer in Silicon Valley


    I feel like that sounds so glamorous, “Summer in Silicon Valley” but honestly, I feel pretty darn glamorous!

    I love Summer, and as I sit here with the doors and windows wide open, a cool summer breeze is passing through my apartment.  (Fortunately, the downstairs neighbors aren’t smoking because that …

  2. elisse

    The Unemployed Life of A Recent College Grad….


    The conundrum is, even for an entry level position, people want you to have 2+ years of experience and generally speaking, people are applying for an entry level position because well, they are entry level and don’t have experience.  So, you need experience to get experience.

    The truth of the …

  3. elisse

    Working for Disney


    My amazing ride on Space Mountain with the lights on!

    Space Mountain with the Lights On! This was a magical moment that made my life!

    The Disney College Program is NOTHING like what I thought it would be and working at Disney World is hardly a fairy tale. I started …

  4. elisse

    Next in Life: Graduation!


    After 4.5 long (and somehow very short) years, I will be graduating with a B.S! A week from tuesday, I will take my last final and immediately after go put the alumni license plate frame on my car.  College was a wonderful experience.  I learned so much about life, people, …

  5. elisse

    In Life…


    So, after many years I decided to finally give blogging a try. It seems odd to me that someone (you) are a random person who wants to read about my life but I suppose that after I finish this entry I’ll poke around other people’s blogs for a bit and …

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