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    The Story of Jessie, The Once Lonely Dog


    There once was a dog named Jessie. She was part of a lovely family of 5. She was treated as if she was the parent’s own child. They loved taking Jessie on walks, to the dog park, to friend’s houses, and so much more, but little did they no that …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    One more week to go! I feel like this semester has flown by, but I guess that’s what happens during summer classes. I’m actually kind of sad we’re reaching the end; I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit these past couple weeks and done a lot of new things …

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    Reading A Movie


    Movies are one of my favorite things out there, whether it be a comedy, romance, horror, etc… The effort that goes into a movie and the special effects and acting are what really can make or break it. Everyone has seen their fair share of really good movies that can …

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    A Day In My Life


    So, does anyone else get extremely awkward when recording themselves or am I the only one?? Looking through the video assignments this week was tough because a lot of the things were recording yourself and  I freaked out a little. I finally just came to the realization I needed to …

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    The Tranquil Life


    I decided to create a zen garden in the most peaceful place I could think of, my mom’s house. She lives in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of trees. Theres basically a little forest that backs up behind our house. If only this zen garden actually existed there!…

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    Things That Make Me Smile


    If I had to chose 3 things that have made me happy recently it has been my family, my friends, and my most recent trip to Disney World. Obviously my friends and family make me happy everyday. I have no idea what I would do without them!! There are so …

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    My Freshman Year


    Freshman year is the year where everyone feels nervous, excited, sad, and just a bunch of different emotions. It is a new time for everyone. I came across tis Video Assignment, which was to talk about your freshman year and to be as honest as possible. I am not a …

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    Dexter: The Analyzation


    Do you ever watch a movie or a TV show for the second time and find yourself noticing things that you never did before, or hearing things you never did before? This assignment helped me do just that. Not necessarily just seeing new things, but it helped me to notice …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    If there is one week that I think has gone by slow so far, it has for sure been this one. I think it’s because I just started a new job and I’ve been busy, but oh my gosh I am so glad it’s over! Audio week was definitely a …

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    Doppelgängers: Food vs. People


    When looking through the list of stories to choose from to listen to the one called “Doppelgängers” really caught my eye. I’ve always been fascinated how people from complete opposite sides of the world could look like each other. Not necessarily does the term doppelgänger mean that two people look …

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    What’s That Song?


    I have a love/hate relationship with those new songs that come on the radio every other song. I love them because they are super catchy, but also hate them because they are catchy. Even if I don’t necessarily like the song, I always end up getting it stuck in my …

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    New Repellent for Cars!


    For todays daily create, the object was to tell the rest of the story based off of this:


    I decided to go with a new idea they were testing at a car factory. The idea I came up with was a repellant that does not allow cars to hit …

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    The Art of Audio Storytelling


    This week deals with audio storytelling, and to be completely honest, I got a little nervous. I have never done anything where I have to record myself talking or doing something without my face being in the picture; I don’t like listening to myself on audio as I know a …

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    DS106 or DS160?


    Today’s daily create was to find something that was almost the number of ds106, but not exactly. I tried to think of something interesting and was a little stumped. Then I started thinking of sports and jersey numbers, so I figured what better way to do that then use my …

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    Are You My Friend on all my Social Media Accounts??


    Nowadays everyone seems to have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other social media account out there. Anyone that does have one of these most definitely will relate to the cover of this book. Whenever I meet new people it always seems like the first thing they say is, …

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    Weekly Summary Two


    Well, week 2 is over just like that! I feel like this week went a lot smoother for me then last week just because I felt more comfortable with doing the assignments. I actually really enjoyed this weeks layout, especially the Design Assignments because it was something new compared to …

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    How Do I Feel About the DesignBlitz?


    As I said in the post I made for the DesignBlitz, this weeks goal was to find different things around me, in my everyday life, that I think represent concepts of design. I thought I would do a good job with this because I have had experience with doing things …

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    This weeks goal was to find things such as ads, signs, objects, etc. that display either good or bad principles of design. I thought I may have a little bit of an advantage because I have taken art classes in high school before and that was always a big portion …

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    Eye See You


    For this GIF we had to focus on eye movement. I wanted to do something creepy because when I think of eye movement, I think of scary movies and the weird puppet dolls. I looked up dolls eyes moving and found one on the Elf on a Shelf. I have …

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    Here We Go Steelers!!



    This assignment was a little different for me because I have never tried to make a GIF before. The GIF assignment was to create a sports highlight reel, so obviously I had to choose my favorite football team. It is hard for me to think of important plays that …

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    The Secret Virus


    We have all probably had that one time where that weird ad pops up on our computer, followed by what seems like a million more. This is what is known as a virus. I can say I have had a pretty nasty virus on one of my computers before and …

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    Jeeps For Life


    If there is any type of car that I love, it is hands down any type of Jeep. I currently have a Jeep Liberty, and my dream car that is actually reasonable is a Jeep Wrangler, but my dream car that isn’t necessarily reasonable is the new 2015 Jeep Chief. …

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    Crime is Everywhere


    This Design Assignment was to create a crime scene. I got extremely excited when I came across this one because I love anything that deals with mysteries. I actually am majoring in Biology to further myself in Forensics and hopefully eventually become a crime scene investigator or work my way …

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    2 Truths, 1 Lie


    I remember when 2 truths and 1 lie was popular when I was younger. It was one of many little games that my friends and I would play. I don’t think I have ever played and described something else other than myself, so was little trickier to come up with …

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    Human or Monkey?


    I love these Daily Creates! I wasn’t so sure about todays, though, because that’s a little embarrassing to try and open a water bottle with your feet, but I did it anyway and somehow succeeded! It took a while to do, so good thing Twitter only allows 30 seconds on …

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