1. @emily_toney

    Too many faces


    This photo explains it all. I, Emily Toney, am guilty of making too many faces. Some good and others really bad….But! there will never be a dull moment around me, because of my faces…haha (very old photo; I am no longer blonde)…

  2. @emily_toney

    The Crazy Bunch


    So, this was fun to make. Meet mi familia. Friends that became family.

    From the top left and around clockwise

    ~Me (dates Jordan)

    ~Kelly (dates Mike)

    ~Emma (dates Declan)

    ~Rae (dates Nick)






    I picked these people because they are a huge part of my life.…

  3. @emily_toney

    Love at first shot


    This is Jordan and Emily. They met in high school and have been together for 7 years now. Obviously they are in love. Look at the way he looks at her and the way she is smiling. Throughout the past 7 years there have been ups and downs, but they …

  4. @emily_toney

    What’s in Louie?


    Everyone, this is my pride and joy, Louie.

    He is full of a lot of things, but I took a picture of the most important items.

    ~Keys: Need to be able to drive my car

    ~Wallet: Have to have money to shop!

    ~Water: Stay hydrated

    ~Snack (in this case muffins) …

  5. @emily_toney

    Week 3


    Busy, buy, busy.

    In both school and real life. Thankfully no more snow!

    This week was a lot of fun and I am SO thankful I learned how to make my blog site look 100X better! I love all of the organization. My favorite task this week was learning how …

  6. @emily_toney

    Story Shape


    First of all this man is a genius. He knows what readers (viewers) like and that is someone starts off good and then comes into trouble, but by the end they are doing well again. THAT’S IT! No trick playing or confusing plots. Just have a character start off well, …

  7. @emily_toney

    GunSmoke & Ice Man


    I really enjoyed both of these activities to do this week. Both, in their own way:

    GunSmoke~ I liked listening to these a lot, because it reminded me of my grandmothers house. She watched old westerns all the time while I was there and hearing the voices, music, and horses …

  8. @emily_toney

    “The Barber”


    The day was July 10th 1890. Wyoming was admitted as the 44th state to the US, but “The barber” was born that same day. His name was Gus Lee. His father was a cowboy and the mother was a prostitute. After he was born the mother settled down in a …

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