1. Emily DelRoss

    My Not-So-Daily Creates


    I have been neglecting my Daily Create Posts lately, so here I am trying to catch up on what I’ve missed. Sorry for the delay!


    Saturday, March 3: Take a picture of an instrument that measures something. tdc55

    My Watch: The “instrument” that I use most often.


    Friday, …

  2. Emily DelRoss

    Eagle Radio: Second Recording Session


    Once again, team Eagle Radio was on a productivity streak last night! We were able to record basically the whole second half of the show, including a second comercial and bumper and another interview. Margaret was able to get in contact with a Ms Jane Tyler Coats who graduated from …

  3. Emily DelRoss

    Eagle Radio Gets Productive!


    Today our group was so super duper productive! It was crazy.

    During the day today, I wrote up the script for the fictional character that we decided to interview from 1908 when UMW first opened. I looked to the most popular names of the year to make her name: Ethel …

  4. Emily DelRoss

    Eagle Radio Update


    My radio group (AKA Eagle Radio) just had a super productive meeting!!! I was feeling really nervous about completing this assignment because it seems like such a big undertaking, but after our meeting, I’m actually feeling really good about it! Candice, Leslie, Margaret, and I met at the Washroom and …

  5. Emily DelRoss

    Brittany’s (Un)Interesting Story


    Reading the instructions for this assignment made me laugh out loud (Well, acutally, I’d say it was more of a snicker than a laugh) because my roommate and I always tell each other stories that seem really interesting to us personally, but are really not at all interesting to the …

  6. Emily DelRoss

    Ice Ice Baby: A Poetic Reading


    This is my first crack at the audio assignments and is a two-star assignment. But, if this one was any indication, I think I’m gonna have a good time with them.

    Listening to my own voice is the strangest experience; it surprises me every time I hear it. I feel …

  7. Emily DelRoss

    This Week’s Daily Create Recap


    Sunday, February 19: Take a photo that represents your current job, or a job that you once had.

    Work: I’ve only had three jobs in my life so far and they have all been working in a kitchen. So, much of a day at work for me consists of slicing …

  8. Emily DelRoss

    Your Dreams Out the Window


    This assignment came to me in a day dream.

    With the recent spring-like weather I’ve found myself fantasizing about warmer weather. Spring break is coming up, and my fantasies about a tropical vacation are becoming distractingly frequent!! I find myself gazing out the window just thinking about how nice it …

  9. Emily DelRoss

    Last Call


    I just can’t resist one last design assignment!

    I decided to do the three-star “If Movie Posters Told the Truth” assignment because just this week my sister text me saying that she had just started watching “Bridesmaids” for the first time. She said that she was only into the opening …

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