1. Emily DelRoss

    A Note on Doodle Notes


    So class on Thursday was my favorite one yet. I just really loved it!

    For one thing, I wan’t feeling too positive about my work for the design section, but after seeing a bunch of the awesome work that everyone else in the class was creating, it inspired me to …

  2. Emily DelRoss

    Where’s Waldo?


    I decided to do the “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?” three-star assignment because I thought it was silly, and I like silly. I looked at the assignment a couple days ago, but couldn’t think of a good idea. And then today it just came to me. A DS106 vision, …

  3. Emily DelRoss

    Be My Guess(ed)!!!


    Left class tonight feeling very inspired to create some design!!

    Also, Mr Jim Groom himself helped me figure out (some of) the source of my frustration(s) yesterday! I couldn’t download icons from “The Noun Project” website because they are saved as some weirdo SVG file, and I don’t know what …

  4. Emily DelRoss

    Another Crack At It


    I am happy to say that yesterday’s frustrations with technology have not spilled over into today! I had class for much of the day and was feeling very hesitant to get back to my room and work on some design assignments because of all the bad vibes I was feeling …

  5. Emily DelRoss

    Hitting My Stride


    Just kidding. That was an overstatement. The first assignment I actually completed earlier today (before work) but didn’t have time to blog ‘em up. After getting back from work, I completed this next assignment. So don’t be fooled by the time warp that seems to have occurred here.

    This is …

  6. Emily DelRoss

    My First Design Baby-Step


    This is my first design assignment. Be easy on me, please. I was feeling very overwhelmed with GIMP and got annoyed and frustrated, so I decided to give it a little rest and move on to something else for a bit. I found this assignment and thought it would be …

  7. Emily DelRoss

    Catch Up on Some Daily Creates


    I forgot to post a few of my back logged Daily Creates. So here they are!

    Friday, February 10: Take a picture of confusion.

    Get Off My Case Internet Explorer!!: Solution: Google Chrome! Yippy!!


    Saturday, February 11: Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of the human hand.

    Matthew’s …

  8. Emily DelRoss

    Last One. I Promise.


    I’ve met my visual assignment star quota and I’m cutting myself off! Done! I keep trying to do other things (such as have a social life or do work for other subjects), and then all of a sudden I realize that I’m back on my computer cropping and whatnot. Thanks …

  9. Emily DelRoss

    Sweet Potato/Yam Bond


    I’m not certain what the difference is between these two tubers, but I just wanted to make sure I had all my bases covered. I prefer to say sweet potato though (my Rhode Island accent makes yam painful to say.)

    This assignment is just as ridiculous, if not more, than …

  10. Emily DelRoss

    Fat French Toast Cat


    I’m getting all my cat work done and blogged about in one night. They will never be mentioned again on my blog. This is a promise both to you and myself.

    For this I simply found a super delicious display of French Toast (or Freedom Toast for those of you …

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