1. @Eric Dorman

    Final Summary


    Another semester done, and not without its interesting classes. DS106 was fun but a handful. Anyway here is my advice for future newbies and my final crisis work. The final project is a reflection of what we were both good at. We both recorded on Audacity, he got the sound …

  2. @Eric Dorman

    For the newbies


    DS106 can be an easy class if you get on it immediately and plan ahead. It is a heavy workload and should not be taken alongside classes that are equally demanding (GISC 450 in my case). Browse the Internet for services that can help you get the job done. A …

  3. @Eric Dorman

    Final Crisis Progress report


    I’ve teamed up with Tristan Stevens to create a story where out heroes chase a time traveling villain across time to a medieval/fantasy past where the heroes and villains of the time are duking it out.

    We will present this story as a video where a talking character is represented …

  4. @Eric Dorman

    Remix: Cotisuelto


    Cotisuelto: a Spanish Caribbean word :one who wears the shirt tail outside their trousers. It describes a certain fashion among young men these days.

    Since the original assignment was a visual assignment and the remix asks for a change of media. I did this as a visual assignment.

  5. @Eric Dorman

    Final Ideas: Meme making


    I think something to do for the final is meme making. Meme’s as a design form are a crude yet popular and effective way of conveying irony or some other message. An idea for the final is having our own little meme war.…

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