1. @Eric Dorman

    Final Summary


    Another semester done, and not without its interesting classes. DS106 was fun but a handful. Anyway here is my advice for future newbies and my final crisis work. The final project is a reflection of what we were both good at. We both recorded on Audacity, he got the sound …

  2. @Eric Dorman

    For the newbies


    DS106 can be an easy class if you get on it immediately and plan ahead. It is a heavy workload and should not be taken alongside classes that are equally demanding (GISC 450 in my case). Browse the Internet for services that can help you get the job done. A …

  3. @Eric Dorman

    Final Crisis Progress report


    I’ve teamed up with Tristan Stevens to create a story where out heroes chase a time traveling villain across time to a medieval/fantasy past where the heroes and villains of the time are duking it out.

    We will present this story as a video where a talking character is represented …

  4. @Eric Dorman

    Remix: Cotisuelto


    Cotisuelto: a Spanish Caribbean word :one who wears the shirt tail outside their trousers. It describes a certain fashion among young men these days.

    Since the original assignment was a visual assignment and the remix asks for a change of media. I did this as a visual assignment.

  5. @Eric Dorman

    Final Ideas: Meme making


    I think something to do for the final is meme making. Meme’s as a design form are a crude yet popular and effective way of conveying irony or some other message. An idea for the final is having our own little meme war.…

  6. @Eric Dorman

    Redesigning a page


    The beginning of a takeover, I would have done more, but the site kept rebooting and erasing my work…


  7. @Eric Dorman

    My Europe journey


    In the summer between High School and College, I joined a band made of the best high school band students in VA and went on a journey through Europe. We performed in London, Paris, Crans-Montana in Switzerland, Innsbruck in Austria, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany. We also visited …

  8. @Eric Dorman

    Radio thoughts


    Listening to Sweet and Sour, I heard an interesting story well made with voice changer and sound effects. It also had a separate event concerning a hero overcoming a task which was also well done. If it had a weak point its that the dialogue felt a little emotionless at …

  9. @Eric Dorman

    Radioshow progress


    This week we formed out four person group to create a ~30 minute radio show session. We have created a Google doc and are brainstorming what we shall do and how to delegate the work. I have made multiple commercials that can be used to buffer the show.…

  10. @Eric Dorman

    Weekly Summary: 6


    As someone who thinks visually this was an easy week. I was able to understand the concepts that go into digital design and quickly came up with ideas while taking advantage of new tools like HeroMachine. The daily creates were more of a head scratcher or sometimes just missed opportunities.…

  11. @Eric Dorman

    Minimalist poster


    I LOOOOOVE Lord of the Rings and I had a pretty good idea of what to make. I did it using Paint and a ring image from Google Images. The ring symbolizes the one ring which the protagonist must destroy in this story. The dark background serves the emphasize the …

  12. @Eric Dorman

    Cinema quote


    OK so I’m bending the rules of the assignment by having it a quote from an anime rather than a movie but it is still memorable. The story of One Piece is centered on a boy called Monkey D. Luffy who aspires to be King of the Pirates. Unlike most …

  13. @Eric Dorman

    Design thoughts


    Looking at Vignelli’s book and modern design software it is very clear that many concepts have transitioned well into the age of digital design, especially visual concepts such as contrast and proportion. Vignelli hit many nails on the head and talked about many of the concepts and methods that are …

  14. @Eric Dorman




    This sign keeps the message plain and simple. “Do not Enter”. Its presence is to tell people who are trying to enter the wrong way through that path that they are entering the path the wrong direction.


    This flyer talks about Intervarsity sports meetings. Alongside the text are …

  15. @Eric Dorman

    Design your superhero


    The is the Iron Angel battleform of Tech. Made using Hero Machine. I chose this means of creating him due to its flexibility, it allowed for this highly customized result.

  16. @Eric Dorman

    Disney mix


    I decided to put together the workaholic Heigh Ho from Snow White and the laid back Hakuna Matata from the Lion King. It came out better than I expected.

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