1. @Eric Dorman

    DS106 Radio


    The drama on the radio followed the format of reading out of the book. It used music to accent the moment. There is also importance in the tone of the actors voices. When I hear it I think of the black and white murder mystery shows from the 50s.…

  2. @Eric Dorman

    Moon Graffiti


    Stories are a form of communication and communication succeeds by appealing to ones senses. Audio storytelling means getting a message across by solely appealing to the sense of hearing. Moon Graffiti achieved this. It explained itself with words, it used eerie space music to set the tone and mood. They …

  3. @Eric Dorman

    Photographic knowledge


    My recent experiences with photography involve my historic preservation major particularly with documenting buildings. The goal of the photographs is to capture multiple angles so that one can see what the building looks like in general as well as notable features that are unique to its character. Another case I’ve …

  4. @Eric Dorman

    Vonnegut style


    Tech wakes up after a good night’s sleep.

    Tech finds out hes out of coffee

    He goes to the store.

    He gets more coffee

    He goes back home and makes the coffee.

    One drink later: infinite happiness (for the next few hours)…

  5. @Eric Dorman

    Who inspires you?


    There are many people I find inspiring either by what they say, what they do, or both. Let’s talk about what some have done.

    George Washington and Cincinnatus- Almost two thousand years separate these two men but are united commonly by humility and by an incredible strength; the strength to …

  6. @Eric Dorman

    Shadow of a doubt: multiple light effect


    Shadows are created by a physical object blocking light from reaching another object beyond the interfering object. Analyzing my established environs I decided to show what happens when light from another direction interferes.

    I had two sources of light (three if you count window light, but that is unimportant here) …

  7. @Eric Dorman

    A logo


    I took on the assignment of making my name logo and I’m pretty happy with the result. I was going for a pirate theme and this was the closest I got with coolletters.net

  8. @Eric Dorman

    Little victories


    It’s hard for me to remember and connect with people. It’s especially hard for me to remember their names. Earlier today in fact I saw a guy in passing from a freshman class, I knew his face and not his name. I’m currently in a single room in Jeffy. I …

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