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    Attention Log-Stardate…

    Pexels-cc Life as a student…log one July 17, 2017 4:18-4:50 pm Sitting at my kitchen table after making cookies I sit in my kitchen because it is sunny and I like the atmosphere Using my laptop computer I am listening to the TED talk by Paul Miller-in one tab Opened…
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    Piktochart-Online Creation

    I chose the Piktograph creation tool to complete my tech assignment. I added some of my favorite technology sites, programs, and generators that I have been researching and the ones I have used the most in this class.  The Piktograph Editor is a very user-friendly site. The most challenging thing…
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    Digital Mindfulness


    Thinking back 20 years, do you ever wonder how we functioned without the convenience of the internet? There are hundreds of thousands of entertaining, interesting and educational sites that can be visited by just clicking a button.  The hours can be wiled away checking social media, playing games and adding …

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    Independent learning


    This week for my personal learning project I decided to explore a few of the generators and bots that are out there on the internet. There are some nifty ones that I think students (and teachers) may enjoy exploring. Thanks to the exposure of the Daily Create exercises I have …

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    Daily Create II

    I Love Pink-DC 1969

    My best decision ever-DC 1956

    One word poem-DC 1959

    It’s Muddy!-DC 1954

    A New Perspective-DC 2006

    Create a data set-DC 2007

    Off Beat Inspirational Poster-DC 2008

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    Tech-Take 3/Let’s make a movie!


    There are times in the classroom that teachers or students need to be able to create their own videos from either pictures or video. Editing software can help to create those fantastic video productions.  One of my favorites is iMovie. It is an Apple program that takes some time to …

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    Google Google on my desk


    Googling yourself is an enlightening experience, you can learn where you live, how old you are, if you’re married and who to, where you work, whether or not you participate in social media, and any newsworthy articles that may include your name. There are sites that offer to tell you …

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    Digital Citizenship


    Digital citizenship, a term that covers the guidelines for appropriate and responsible behavior when using technology. More specifically it can refer to cyberbullying, online safety, privacy online, observing copyrights and digital law.

    DIGITAL… Access-allows all persons the same opportunity to have digital access. Commerce-buying and selling of goods Communication-exchange of…

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