1. @essmanll

    Learn Something New, but WHAT?


    In 1966, I know, a long time ago, I began the journey of learning. We are born learners, from the moment that we come into this world we learn. This learning process is littered with experiences that expose many of us to the good the bad and ugly of life. …

  2. @essmanll

    Passion Based Learning



    As teachers we understand the value of thinking but do we really encourage it? Most of us have looked out across our classroom at one time or another, and seen that student with the vacant, disinterested stare. Or, the student who is completely immersed in a topic other …

  3. @essmanll

    Why am I different?


    As a teacher in the 21st century, we are called on to teach a varied and unique group of people who will be leading us into the future.

    Teaching to the strengths of students.

    All of us are unique and talented. We are born with characteristics and predispositions that should …

  4. @essmanll

    Hacking your Education



    Hacking your education or exploring, tweaking or in some way improving your understanding is an approach that allows students to “fiddle with it” to gain a better understanding.

    The idea of hacking indicates to me that a person must invest the time and thought into a project in order …

  5. @essmanll

    Becoming Digitally Literate


    Photo cc-Sjoerd Los

    Learning, my daily quest. Today I am working on Digital Literacy. A quest to bridge the gap between the world I grew up in and the world I live in today.  When I was little, we had 3 channels on the television and it was my job …

  6. @essmanll

    Steps in the Right Direction

    Photo CC-Mike Willis Leslie’s Top Five Life Lessons.

    #5- Everyone is weird, sometimes.  We all have our moments. Run into the pole, trip and fall while walking the dog, walk into the wrong restroom, or just be highly un-photogenic. We are all unique individuals and we should be proud of …

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