1. ewindley

    Words of Wisdom


    Reflecting back on my own trials in this class I will leave you with three parting suggestions that might have made things go a little smoother for me.

    I wish I had made myself a cheat sheet for the simple things I kept forgetting.  It would include the following: Post…
  2. ewindley

    TDC Idea


    Find or take a picture of someone who can be recognized even when showing only one body part (that is not their face).  Such as Santa’s hand reaching for cookies, Ronald McDonald’s feet, Big Birds tail . . . you get the idea.  Tweet and share your image.

    Merry Christmas!…

  3. ewindley

    Week Fifteen Summary


    Well it has been an interesting endeavor to say the least.  After frustrating myself trying to learn how to do something new, I took the advise of a fellow classmate who commented that I should look back at what I had already done and build from there.  That was very …

  4. ewindley



    Since I really appreciated when I found an assignment with a tutorial I have included one for each of my assignment ideas.

    Edit a magazine cover in a fun and interesting way. Cerate a comic strip using an online software program.

    Hope these are helpful to someone else.…

  5. ewindley

    Second Tutorial Idea


    Making a comic strip using an online software can be fun, but challenging.  I made one using bitstrips.com.  Here’s how I did it:

    Choose create strip, select the number of panels layout, then using the tabs across the top of the screen to chose a scene first.  I selected a …

  6. ewindley

    First Tutorial


    This is my tutorial for editing a magazine cover in a fun and interesting way and posting a before and after image.  Go online and find a magazine cover and right click on it and select “save picture as” using a JPEG document type.  Then go to your picture and …

  7. ewindley

    Second Assignment Idea



    Create a comic strip.  There are a number of free comic strip software programs available online.  Use one to make a comic of your own.  I made this one on bitstrips.com as an example.…

  8. ewindley

    Exclusive Expose


    TIME MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE REPORTED BY ~      ELLEN WINDLEY                                                                                       November 24, 2015

    Steven Spielberg requested a crystal ball reading to help him cope with a secret fear that has been haunting him for years.  Here is an eyewitness account and video of the actual crystal ball images seen by Steven …

  9. ewindley

    Spielberg’s Secret Revealed


    EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE REPORTED BY ~ ELLEN WINDLEY                                                                                       November 24, 2015


    Exclusive eyewitness accounts and hidden camera video reveal a secret that Steven Spielberg has kept from Hollywood and the world.  Yesterday, Spielberg was seen entering Esmerelda’s Chamber of Truth located at 100 Cemetery Lane. Our viewer followed him in …

  10. ewindley

    Final Project Idea


    I spent all day yesterday trying to find some software that would allow me to do something different for the final project.  It was a big waste of time.  I spent all day signing up to use software that I could not figure out how to navigate only to have …

  11. ewindley

    Week 13 Summary


    Well so far I see four people have posted ideas for their Final Projects.  So I gave them each a shout out but since they seem to know what they want to do for their project I didn’t have any advice for them.

    I have been struggling this week to …

  12. ewindley

    Project Ideas


    I should leave this a blank page . . . because that would sum up my project ideas.  I hope it will all come together this weekend.

    My host character Esmerelda the fortune teller was made in the image of a comic character.  I take a class at the UMW …

  13. ewindley

    My Special Person


    One of the assignments in the Video assignment bank was to create a “Special Person Montage”.  This was a great assignment because I got to make a movie of my special person . . . my one and only grandbaby.  What’s a grandma to say ~ I had plenty of …

  14. ewindley



    One of the assignments I did this week was to take the audio commercial I created a few weeks ago for the radio show and adding a visual element to it. This assignment allowed you to use still clips and arrange them to go along with the audio that was …

  15. ewindley

    Mini Documentary


    This weeks video assignments included a must do mini documentary.  My video for this features Kyle Hvisdash telling us about his favorite band of all time.  The mini documentary on The Sun City Girls is a story of an eclectic style band so to make my movie in keeping with …

  16. ewindley

    The Creation of Esmerelda


    This week is video work and we are to use our host character in our work as much as possible.  I chose to do an assignment that was to create a 45 second to 1 minute DIY commercial.  So I did one on how to create your own comic strip …

  17. ewindley

    Turning it Up


    This week we are continuing with video and incorporating our audio as well and utilizing our host character.  I started out the week reading the unit on making movies.  I watched the film clip by Ken Burns where he discusses the intent for manipulation in storytelling.  I was extremely moved …

  18. ewindley

    Week 10 Summary


    This week is videodrome and we had two choices this week, we could work together as a group again and create a video assignment or do work from the video assignment bank.  I chose to do work from the assignment bank because the time commitment for working in a group …

  19. ewindley

    Video Essay


    I created this video essay on the escape scene from the Shawshank Redemption movie Directed by Frank Darabont and starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.  I got my clip from youtube.com.  The scene is dominated by the character expressions and the camera shots that capture the emotions of what’s …

  20. ewindley

    30 Second Documentary


    This week is video week and we have to do an assignment that showcases our host character.  My host character, Esmerelda, was created as a cartoon fortune teller so for this assignment I created a documentary of what Esmerelda sees in her crystal ball when a man come in.  The …

  21. ewindley

    Radio Reflection


    This week we listened to our radio shows.  I was able to hear the Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour aired just after my own group’s radio broadcast.  This show was much fun to listen to.  I really enjoyed the laundry list of what to do in case of being attached …

  22. ewindley

    Bucket List


    The best assignment I did this week was a Bucket List which features the host characters from my radio show group.  The visual assignment asked for a collage of pictures representing things you want to do.  I was able to use it to say I would see Felicia’s Clown Show, …

  23. ewindley

    Camp Poster


    Another assignment to showcase the host characters is this Camp Poster project.  Would you attend a Fortune Telling Camp with Esmerelda?

  24. ewindley

    Red Reaper at Gettysburg Address


    Incorporating some of our host characters into assignments this week lead me to do this assignment.  It is entitled The Forest Gump Project because it must incorporate someone into a picture of a historical moment much like Forest Gump kept ending up at.  I chose to include the Red Reaper …

  25. ewindley

    Week 8 Summary


    This week was a group project week.  I am a member of Group 4 along with Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, and Rebecca Reverco (Gussie).  We took our group radio show name from Scott’s host character Edward Creepy.  We made Edward Creepy the host of the radio show.  For the show …

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