1. ewindley

    Dear Diary


    Tuesday, April Fools Day!

    Today I woke to the sound of puppies whining.  Those little beasts will soon delivery me a one of a kind, truly black and white fur coat to enhance my wardrobe.  I live for fur, I worship fur. After all, is there a woman in all …

  2. ewindley

    Data of the Dead


    In the creation of the virtual world have we created an eternal exists for ourselves?  We put our thoughts, pictures, and comments out there for the world to see . . . but, do we want them to be seen forever?

    My mother-in-law passed away five years ago.  Today she …

  3. ewindley

    Meet Esmerelda



    In this blog I am introducing you to my host character who will become part of future stories.  For fun I created her as a comic in Bitstrips.  Give it a try.

    Esmerelda is a fortune teller who can see the deep dark truths of the past, present …

  4. ewindley

    Rave Reviews


    This weeks posts will be focused on writing and raving about things read.

    The first thing I did this week was read a horror comic, Last Respects from Tales from the Crypt #3 and I left a comment on the site.  The fictional horror story seems to be effective at …

  5. ewindley

    Week 2 Summary for welcome to my nightmare


    Another week of digital storytelling by blog in the horror genre!  This week placed greater demands on the use of digital mediums and definitely broadened my skillset for the use of audio and visual software applications.  I am truly thankful for the low tech assignments but twice as thankful for …

  6. ewindley

    Phobia Movie Response


    For this post I watched three old movies which used evil dolls to depict a horror story.  As instructed, I am providing my review of these films.

    I love the old Twilight Zone movies.  The use of black and white film, the music and the narrator are epoch and …

  7. ewindley

    Storytelling on the web


    The story of how Slender Man was created seems to me like a new means of storytelling.  The free form, high level of collaboration on the character and his image doesn’t seem like the “standard” method for an author and an illustrator who each create their work either alone or …

  8. ewindley

    Love from beyond the grave


    Elizabeth was a happy child and a daddy’s girl. Her father was a botanist who spent many hours outside reading. When Elizabeth was only 11 years old her father died and her mother, who was so distraught at losing him, became an alcoholic. She began to pay little attention to …

  9. ewindley

    Week 1 Summary for Death by DS106


    I cannot say it loud enough – – – OMG!  Until this week my online social media was confined to facebook; and even on that I limited myself to viewing and clicking the like button.  That’s because anytime I attempted to make a comment it ended up on the wrong …

  10. ewindley

    Death by DS106


    I have finally arrived after taking the long route on the internet superhighway.  I will be writing this blog for a computer course entitled digital storytelling.  The theme is horror.  Since blogging is new to me, I hope the theme will lend itself to providing something that is at least …

  11. ewindley

    Hello and Welcome to DeathbyDS106!


    I am starting this blog as a course requirement to share some scary stories.  The scariest story, however, may be the fact that I am doing this . . . because I am older than some – slower than most – and definitely not tech savvy.  So I hope that …

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