1. Fandom Princess

    The Beginning of the End


    Well, I struggled with this post because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start it with a final Fandom Princess story, or if I just wanted to type it like a normal, regular post without a story. I decided to forgo the story, because the Fandom Princess and her …

  2. Fandom Princess

    A Mardi Gras Wedding Mystery!


    The time had finally come. The day that Charlotte Le Bouff, Princess Tiana’s best friend, had been waiting for all of eternity, well, all of her young life.

    She was finally getting married!

    Let’s rewind, however, to the day in which she met her Prince Raphael, the serious yet warm …

  3. Fandom Princess

    What Goes “Bump” In the Night


    The Fandom Princess was awoken one night by a loud thumping noise. Grumpy because she was having a dream about being able to eat as much cake as she wanted without consequence, she looked around her room. It was dark, except for the light coming from the moon and her …

  4. Fandom Princess

    Haiku What?


    During her Poetry writing class, the Fandom Princess was asked to stand and recite her haiku. Unfortunately, for the Princess, she had forgotten that there was an assignment that was due. Still, she knew that she had to recite something, even though she was unsure what this haiku thing her …

  5. Fandom Princess

    School Pride


    The Fandom Princess, while spending the day cuddling with the Fandom Prince in her chambers, suddenly go the bright idea to do something that showed her love for the Mercury castle.

    “William,” she said. “Do you have a large blank sheet that you wouldn’t mind me… borrowing?” She flashed her …

  6. Fandom Princess

    Stitch Bracelet


    One night during a break from Mercury, the Fandom Princess and her sister, Princess Courtney, were up late with the box of light balls that their parents had given to them when they were younger. The balls floated in midair above their heads as their fingers worked at lines of …

  7. Fandom Princess

    Safety in Pairs


    The Fandom Princess and the Prince continued their trek into town, all the while the Princess tightly held onto the gem with the tiny rose hidden inside.

    As they reached the edge of town, both of their eyes scoured the area for a traveler or someone who seemed to be …

  8. Fandom Princess

    The Rose Within the Gem


    While the Fandom Princess and the Prince were out for a light summer stroll during the Princess’ third year at Mercury, she accidently tripped on the trail to town. The Prince gasped and instantly kneeled next to her.

    “My darling,” he said, concern lacing his voice. “Are you alright? Are …

  9. Fandom Princess

    Adventures with Ghost: Skating on Ice


    One chilly winter day, the Fandom Princess decided to take her sweet Ghost out to the lake to chase winter bunnies. She put on a pair of special earmuffs given to her by the elves, and placed a scarf around Ghost’s neck, a gift also from the elves.

    Snow fell …

  10. Fandom Princess

    Sunspots on the Water


    Weeks after the Fandom Prince had presented the Fandom Princess with the Golden Eggs, they finally began to move. The Princess squealed in happiness as she sent for the Prince to come to her chambers on the morning that she heard the rustling of the eggs.

    “William, look!” She said, …

  11. Fandom Princess

    The Rainbow Substance


    As they approached the fourth floor, Bryson took the Fandom Princess and Harold down past the various classrooms and students all the way to the end of the corridor. There, he approached a large statue of a huge frog.

    “Should try going in there,” he said quietly.

    The Princess raised …

  12. Fandom Princess

    Wands and Spells


    After a failed attempt to find a suitable maiden from the tributes under the bakery, the Fandom Princess and Harold continued to the last place the Princess felt certain she would be able to find someone who would be able to help them.

    They arrived back at Mercury but did …

  13. Fandom Princess

    Feast for Tributes


    The next stop on The Fandom Princess’ journey to find Harold a maiden was to stop by the Hunger Games fandom hide-out. Ironically, they were located beneath the village’s largest bakery.

    The Princess walked in the bakery, thriving with people looking to buy goods and the smell of fresh bread …

  14. Fandom Princess

    Young Padawans


    The day was still young as the Fandom Princess rapped her knuckles against the wooden door in a specific pattern; three knocks, pause, four, then two.

    “What is this place?” Harold, the frog prince, asked from the Princess’s warm palm.

    “Home of the Padawans, my darling Harold. We may find …

  15. Fandom Princess

    Dancing With the Fairies


    In the early days of the their courting, The Prince and the Fandom Princess would spend many a nights together. There was one specific night that the Princess cherished in her memories. It happened during her second year at Mercury. The Prince was visiting her for the moon cycle, and …

  16. Fandom Princess

    Adventures with Ghost: The Terrorizer


    One night, while the Fandom Princess was asleep in her chambers, she heard a noise that made her turn in her slumber. This noise also caught the attention of Ghost, who was curled up comfortably next to her on the bed. The Princess turned to go back to sleep, but …

  17. Fandom Princess

    The Golden Eggs


    “How odd!” The Fandom Princess exclaimed as she looked down at the Prince’s hands.

    “Aren’t they exquisite?” The Prince asked, a smile plastered on his handsome face.

    The Princess nodded. “That they are.” Her gave remained looking down at the Prince’s hands, in which he held three large eggs. The …

  18. Fandom Princess



    “So Harold,” the Fandom Princess asked as they embarked towards town. They had made a pit stop to the Princess’s chambers in order to grab some last minute supplies and were now on their way. “How long have you been in this form?”

    “Not long, my Princess. Merely four moon …

  19. Fandom Princess

    Toad Tales


    While deciding to conquer her studies out in the warm Spring sun one afternoon, with Ghost sleeping lazily next to her, the Fandom Princess heard a very loud and obnoxious sort of croak. She sat up straight from the tree which she was leaning against and turned her head left, …

  20. Fandom Princess

    The Ice-Keeper


    Whilst the Fandom Princess was on her annual winter season break from her scholarly estate, she decided that she would stop by some of the local villages on her carriage ride back home and take a look  around at some of their ancient shops.

    At one particular town, she stepped …

  21. Fandom Princess

    Pixie Cluster


    One day during her first year, while walking in down one of the corridors at Mercury, the Fandom Princess heard loud noises coming from her favorite East Wing library. She paused, as did Ghost, but then instantly sprinted towards the sound of the noise.

    Ghost ran right behind her and …

  22. Fandom Princess

    Special Delivery


    One afternoon, the Fandom Princess was lounging around on her bed, reading a book about a talking rabbit who wanted to be a knight, when she heard three loud knocks at her chamber door. Ghost instantly bounded towards the door and barked. The Princess followed him and opened the door …

  23. Fandom Princess

    Falling For You


    Now, the Fandom Princess gained her romantic view on life from none other than her very own parents, the King and Queen. She remembered when she was just a tiny Princess, watching the King and Queen sing to one another in their enchanted garden. They were underneath the fairy tree …

  24. Fandom Princess

    Against the Norm


    And sometimes, in this mystical magical realm, the Fandom Princess liked to just be silent and read. 

    As my non-fiction professor liked to say, the genre is like the norm for a set of works. While looking at Youtube videos, it’s hard to pick only one genre for all of …

  25. Fandom Princess

    Adventures with Ghost: Doggie Snacks


    While the Fandom Princess and the Prince were out on a stroll one Saturday afternoon, Ghost decided to stay inside and out of the cold. He instead walked around the castle, and came upon a corridor where the dungeon dwarves that cleaned the castle had left him a pile of …

  26. Fandom Princess

    Yet Another Magical Artifact


    As the Fandom Princess possessed a plethora of magical artifacts, as mentioned, she loved to spend time in her chambers, watching moving pictures flash across her enchanted television. On this enchanted item, she would watch a majority of videos that her various fandoms made for her (some even running as …

  27. Fandom Princess



    There came a week where the Fandom Princess returned to her home castle to celebrate a decorated holiday. Adorned in pastel dresses, the Princess and her younger sister were granted new crowns this same week each year. The holiday was called Easter, and the Princess loved to, as soon as …

  28. Fandom Princess

    Lest We Forget


    After the Fandom Prince returned from his long voyage in the distant lands and seas, he found himself wanting to spend every waking moment with his beloved Fandom Princess. The Princess was all too happy to oblige and found herself neglecting her studies and responsibilities in order to spend all …

  29. Fandom Princess

    The Queen’s Visit


    One early Saturday morning, the Fandom Princess, and Ghost, awoke suddenly to three loud raps at the door. Believing she was still dreaming, the Princess rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. Moments later, she heard the door opening and slamming shut.

    “Tiffany!” a high, shrill voice yelled. “Tiffany, …

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