1. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 14-Goodbye, DS106!


    Wow, I can’t believe is the final week of DS106!

    So, for this final week of DS106, it follows the easy-hard pattern. The last two weeks were a bit harder than this week, only because I didn’t have to do as much this week!

    Like last week, I didn’t want …

  2. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 12-Frustrating Again!


    I expected this week to be harder/less enjoyable than last week, since last week was an enjoyable, less frustrating week, and fun/frustrating weeks tend to switch off. I was right!


    I went home for the weekend, so I didn’t much Saturday. I did pick out which mash-ups I wanted …

  3. @FCMaisano

    The Color Brown In My Life


    For this assignment, I had to pick a color to photograph during a typical day and find a song that is relevant to the color I chose.

    While my favorite color is blue, I decided to go with brown, as brown is a color that I associate with my character …

  4. @FCMaisano

    The Rocky Road to Dublin-Music Mapped


    So, for this assignment, I had to choose a song with geographic reference, create a Google map with them along with media, and then make a video.

    The first thing I did was try and find a song. I google songs that mention cities and I have some. However, I …

  5. @FCMaisano

    A Spider’s Point Of View


    There’s that girl again. I suppose I shouldn’t say again, since she lives here too. She’s a strange one, and not very nice either. Just last week I saw her kill one of the gnats on the pink walls of our room. She isn’t much for sharing, or at least …

  6. @FCMaisano

    A Few Seconds Of My Favorite Films!


    So, for this assignment, I had to choose 6 of my favorite films and mash them together, using at most 2 seconds of each.

    This wasn’t an overly difficult assignment. The hardest part was choosing what movies! There’s so many movies I like. I decided to go chronologically, choosing movies …

  7. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 11-Much better!


    I know last week I seemed (and was) a bit frustrated. However, this week was better!


    I was off-campus on a retreat with the UMW Catholic Campus Ministry where I wasn’t supposed to have my computer and doing homework would have been against the point of the retreat!


  8. @FCMaisano

    My Favorite Assignments (So Far!)


    For this assignment, I had to make a video compilation of some of my favorite things that I have made for this class. I started by going through my blog and putting the links of all of the posts that I remember liking to make into a Word document. After …

  9. @FCMaisano

    Lost Tapes: Strigoi-Framed!


    For this assignment, I had to go through a 2-minute video and pick out the frame that best represents the overall story.

    So, first I had to look for a video. YouTube doesn’t let you filter for exact minutes, just short (less than 4 minutes) and long (more than 20 …

  10. @FCMaisano

    Through The Eyes Of The Wawel Dragon


    So, for this assignment, I had to make a video of a perfect day in the life of an animal, and include music to go along with the animal or feel of the video. I decided to go with our theme of legend, myth, and folklore, and go with a …

  11. @FCMaisano

    The Missing Part


    So, for this assignment, I had to chose 5-10 words randomly and then do a Google image search for each word and choose one of the first ones. After, you had to make a story out of it, with or without the use of sentences.

    To get random words, I …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 10-So Frustrating!


    Yeah, this week was hard. For me personally, this was the hardest one yet. While I finished quicker than with other weeks, I felt far less comfortable with what I had to do and had less of a fun time. Everything was so slow and tedious! It didn’t help that …

  13. @FCMaisano

    A Hell-firey Video Essay


    So, for my video essay, I chose to look use the Lost Tapes episode “Hellhound. It is one of the four episodes that scared me as a child (along with chupacabra, skinwalker, and strigoi) that I made my character Maria interested in. I have already done posts with the “Chupacabra” …

  14. @FCMaisano

    History of Nintendo Handheld Consoles


    For this assignment, I had to pick something to make a video showing the change in how it looks over the years. The assignment suggested technology. My first piece of tech I really loved was my DS Lite (I had 3-they kept breaking on me. I wasn’t that hard on …

  15. @FCMaisano

    My Favorite Vacation-Québec and Maine Edition


    For this assignment, I had to make a video about my favorite vacation. Picking the vacation was easy! I adored going to Québec City and Maine a few summers back. I already had the folders of pictures on my computer, so I was all set!

    I used the Photos app …

  16. @FCMaisano

    What Happened To The Light?!


    Here’s the reverse video!

    Here’s the original video!

    So, for this assignment where I have to reverse a video. The assignment prompt mentioned “something in your life”. When I thought about things in my life that I could film and make backwards, for some reason I thought about the light …

  17. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 9-Haunting Edition!


    As I start off all of my weekly summaries with if it follows the pattern, then I would say yes. This week was harder, as I had more stuff to do. However, I actually enjoyed it more!


    I looked over the weekly assignments and started picking out what web …

  18. @FCMaisano

    Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!


    So, on Tuesday, I listened to and live-tweeted about the DS106 radio broadcast of Super Storytellers.

    First of all, great job guys! I thought all of your news segment and stories were very interesting!

    One thing I noticed about both this radio show and my own is how different each …

  19. @FCMaisano

    A Watery Guess The Story


    So, what story am I telling and how did I tell it? Comment below! There is text below-it’s just white! I don’t want you to cheat! Read only after trying to guess! Highlight the words (i.e. use your cursor to left-click and drag to select all of the paragraphs) and …

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