1. @FCMaisano

    Beware the Bunyip!


    So, for this assignment, I had to create a wanted poster. In the assignment description, it says that “It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster”, which is absolutely perfect for this theme. I decided to go with the bunyip, as I mentioned it in …

  2. @FCMaisano

    The Cat of Many Nicknames


    So, for this assignment, I had to make a collage of my pet. I have 2 cats and a dog. This is a collage for my cat Oreo

    So, the top picture of her is on my pillow. Both cats love my pillow. As a cat owner, you just come…
  3. @FCMaisano

    From the Sun-Everything


    “It’s the circle of life!”

    Using the website http://weavesilk.com/, I created this abstract art. Since I cannot do anything without thoroughly thinking it through, this picture does have meaning. It starts with the yellow-the sun-which gives energy through photosynthesis to plants and provides warmth to the world. It is …

  4. @FCMaisano

    A cryptozoologist’s sticky notes


    P.S. If you can’t see the text clearly, zoom in. I used Paint.net, and this is the largest I was able to make this picture

    So, for this assignment, I thought it would be a good one to incorporate my character into. She live a full and interesting life.

    The …

  5. @FCMaisano

    A Photography Noob


    I have to admit-I am not very skilled at photography! I don’t have much photography experience, not even an elective class in middle or high school. Back in late elementary school into early middle school, I used this little red Canon digital camera to take photos and videos. I really …

  6. @FCMaisano

    Lost Tapes Chupacabra-Just as Scary now?


    When I was growing up, I was a bit of a scaredy-cat. One of the shows that scared me the most, even though I adored the show and watched it often, was Lost Tapes. One of the episodes in particular, Chupacabra, really made me not sleep at night. Why this …

  7. @FCMaisano

    This is the time for caution, but not for fear.


    Splashing water is heard coming from the nearby swamp. Footprints of three humans walk alongside that of a single strange set walk together from into the distance, diverging when they get near, with the three human tracks heading over to a nearby tree, while the single track continues to head …

  8. @FCMaisano

    My Character-Maria Segreti


    A phone rings, cutting into the quiet air. A woman looks up from reading, closing the worn, yellow-paged book with care before looking at the name on the screen. She smiles and holds the phone to her ear.

    “Hello, Thiago! How are you?”

    “I’m doing well, too. I’ve just been …

  9. @FCMaisano

    Pounding on the Door


    Hoofs beat against the worn dirt of a path in sharp contrast to the silence of the night, stopping at the thatched house at the end. Two riders depart from their horses and, scuttling quickly like crabs, pound on the wooden door. The inhabitants, blissfully asleep, wake in fright, fearfully …

  10. @FCMaisano

    Jagged duckling


    Quick Info

    Superhero name: Jagged Duckling

    Actual Name: Lope Endre Kobayashi

    Personality: He is an appreciative, patient man, very thankful to what he has been given in life. His life motto is to “Enjoy the small things you find on your journey.” He is hard to anger, but like many …

  11. @FCMaisano

    Ghost Bison and Annoying Guests-A Review of Zoo Tycoon 2


    Zoo Tycoon 2 is game first released in 2004 for Windows as the sequel to the computer game Zoo Tycoon. There are four expansion packs-Extinct Animals, Marine Mania, African Adventure, and Endangered Species. A DS version out in 2008. The final version of this game, called Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate …

  12. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 2-Still Learning


    The second week of school can be as variable as the first. Some classes are still getting started while others are starting to have projects and quizzes. This class is again somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t an extremely hard week, but I am still trying to find my feet …

  13. @FCMaisano

    House Maisano: Pounce Far and Wide


    I have to admit that I haven’t seen much of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen the first season, but I haven’t watched any more (yet). However, my brothers love Games of Thrones, and my mom has just gotten into it. I think it surprised all of us when she decided …

  14. @FCMaisano

    A Hodgepodge Dream


    I rarely dream. It happens so infrequently, I actually sometimes wish to have one! Most of my dreams are really short and confuse me. Sometimes the reason why they confuse me is because they are so realistic, I can’t remember if it didn’t actually happen or not. For example, one …

  15. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 1-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


    The first week of school is always a toss-up. Sometimes, classes take it easy, and the first class or two is just syllabus reading and introductory information. In other classes, teachers jump right in, sometimes even having a quiz the next class! For DS106, I would say that it’s a …

  16. @FCMaisano

    The legendary ds106


    Let me start this by saying that I adore legends, myths and folklore. It is an interest of mine. In my mind, the older the better! I have spent many, many hours on the internet, particularly on Wikipedia, reading about this topic. I even took the Holy Grail FSEM last …

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