1. @FCMaisano

    Weekly Summary-Week 12-Frustrating Again!


    I expected this week to be harder/less enjoyable than last week, since last week was an enjoyable, less frustrating week, and fun/frustrating weeks tend to switch off. I was right!


    I went home for the weekend, so I didn’t much Saturday. I did pick out which mash-ups I wanted …

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    The Color Brown In My Life


    For this assignment, I had to pick a color to photograph during a typical day and find a song that is relevant to the color I chose.

    While my favorite color is blue, I decided to go with brown, as brown is a color that I associate with my character …

  3. @FCMaisano

    The Rocky Road to Dublin-Music Mapped


    So, for this assignment, I had to choose a song with geographic reference, create a Google map with them along with media, and then make a video.

    The first thing I did was try and find a song. I google songs that mention cities and I have some. However, I …

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    A Spider’s Point Of View


    There’s that girl again. I suppose I shouldn’t say again, since she lives here too. She’s a strange one, and not very nice either. Just last week I saw her kill one of the gnats on the pink walls of our room. She isn’t much for sharing, or at least …

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    A Few Seconds Of My Favorite Films!


    So, for this assignment, I had to choose 6 of my favorite films and mash them together, using at most 2 seconds of each.

    This wasn’t an overly difficult assignment. The hardest part was choosing what movies! There’s so many movies I like. I decided to go chronologically, choosing movies …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 11-Much better!


    I know last week I seemed (and was) a bit frustrated. However, this week was better!


    I was off-campus on a retreat with the UMW Catholic Campus Ministry where I wasn’t supposed to have my computer and doing homework would have been against the point of the retreat!


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    My Favorite Assignments (So Far!)


    For this assignment, I had to make a video compilation of some of my favorite things that I have made for this class. I started by going through my blog and putting the links of all of the posts that I remember liking to make into a Word document. After …

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    Lost Tapes: Strigoi-Framed!


    For this assignment, I had to go through a 2-minute video and pick out the frame that best represents the overall story.

    So, first I had to look for a video. YouTube doesn’t let you filter for exact minutes, just short (less than 4 minutes) and long (more than 20 …

  9. @FCMaisano

    Through The Eyes Of The Wawel Dragon


    So, for this assignment, I had to make a video of a perfect day in the life of an animal, and include music to go along with the animal or feel of the video. I decided to go with our theme of legend, myth, and folklore, and go with a …

  10. @FCMaisano

    The Missing Part


    So, for this assignment, I had to chose 5-10 words randomly and then do a Google image search for each word and choose one of the first ones. After, you had to make a story out of it, with or without the use of sentences.

    To get random words, I …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 10-So Frustrating!


    Yeah, this week was hard. For me personally, this was the hardest one yet. While I finished quicker than with other weeks, I felt far less comfortable with what I had to do and had less of a fun time. Everything was so slow and tedious! It didn’t help that …

  12. @FCMaisano

    A Hell-firey Video Essay


    So, for my video essay, I chose to look use the Lost Tapes episode “Hellhound. It is one of the four episodes that scared me as a child (along with chupacabra, skinwalker, and strigoi) that I made my character Maria interested in. I have already done posts with the “Chupacabra” …

  13. @FCMaisano

    History of Nintendo Handheld Consoles


    For this assignment, I had to pick something to make a video showing the change in how it looks over the years. The assignment suggested technology. My first piece of tech I really loved was my DS Lite (I had 3-they kept breaking on me. I wasn’t that hard on …

  14. @FCMaisano

    My Favorite Vacation-Québec and Maine Edition


    For this assignment, I had to make a video about my favorite vacation. Picking the vacation was easy! I adored going to Québec City and Maine a few summers back. I already had the folders of pictures on my computer, so I was all set!

    I used the Photos app …

  15. @FCMaisano

    What Happened To The Light?!


    Here’s the reverse video!

    Here’s the original video!

    So, for this assignment where I have to reverse a video. The assignment prompt mentioned “something in your life”. When I thought about things in my life that I could film and make backwards, for some reason I thought about the light …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 9-Haunting Edition!


    As I start off all of my weekly summaries with if it follows the pattern, then I would say yes. This week was harder, as I had more stuff to do. However, I actually enjoyed it more!


    I looked over the weekly assignments and started picking out what web …

  17. @FCMaisano

    Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!


    So, on Tuesday, I listened to and live-tweeted about the DS106 radio broadcast of Super Storytellers.

    First of all, great job guys! I thought all of your news segment and stories were very interesting!

    One thing I noticed about both this radio show and my own is how different each …

  18. @FCMaisano

    A Watery Guess The Story


    So, what story am I telling and how did I tell it? Comment below! There is text below-it’s just white! I don’t want you to cheat! Read only after trying to guess! Highlight the words (i.e. use your cursor to left-click and drag to select all of the paragraphs) and …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 8-So Many Sounds!


    In terms of again checking to see if this week follows the pattern of easy-hard-easy-hard, etc., I would say that this was easier than last week for me personally since I was less worried about getting everyone done on time. There might be a pattern again, but reversed from the …

  20. @FCMaisano

    Radio Show Week 2-It’s a Wrap!


    For Week 2, there was less decision-making between the whole group and more individual work, since our parts were individual stories, bumpers, and commercials. The only thing we really decided on this week was that to have an intro before each story to explain a little bit about it and …

  21. @FCMaisano

    Creating My Radio Show Story


    So, this technically isn’t an assignment for this week, but I do want to talk about my radio show story. It’ll make things easier when I have to write my Weekly Summary. I don’t have my radio story linked, though it is on SoundCloud, because I want everyone to hear …

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