1. fiedegufei

    Behaviorism and Rocket-Babies


    Design week on DS106. I thought I could do a lot this week. Wrong. A week off, but then so much came up that I only could do very little of what I had planned.

    The whole MOOC-thing got me interested in learning theories and I read a bit about …

  2. fiedegufei

    Gimping the day away


    I had to economize this week 5 of DS106. So much to do and so little time. First thing I did was to spif my Flickr account. It’s all creative commons now. The blog as well. I also created a set and tried to find a flickr-plugin for wordpress …

  3. fiedegufei

    Keep on going!


    A day job, ds106 and some other stuff to get done. Time management is of the essence!

    So one of this weeks assigenemts was to reflect on some videos about producing stories in general, and for radio in particular. I want to concentrate on two:

    Ira Glass from This American

  4. fiedegufei

    White Paper


    He stared at the white paper. Transfixed. At the top where the few sentences he had written hours earlier. For ages it seemed he had sat there, unabel to move, unabel to get more to paper.

    His throat was dry and his heart was racing. He felt like screaming but …

  5. fiedegufei

    The first gif of my life!


    A last minute gif for the second week of the boot camp of headless ds106. The assignment was to say it like peanut butter, whatever that means.

    I like Monty Python. The Holy Grail is is not their best movie. But its a good one. No special reason why I …

  6. fiedegufei

    2 weeks headless


    So its been two weeks that I am taking part in the headless ds106. I have a blog and customized it. After several tries I finally found a them I like, the Blaskan theme. I added a nice header. I photo I made recently in restaurant. Not really a …

  7. fiedegufei

    My keys – Daily Create 603


    Here is my daily create 603. The task: Show us your keychain and tell us a story about the keys and/or things you have on it.

    Its a bit much for a daily create, but I had the urge to try something with iMovie. So here it is.…

  8. fiedegufei

    First headless week – it really works




    I am a bit late to the weekly writeup. But here it goes.

    creativity (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


    First of all, it is a great experience. I did enjoy the Daily Creates very much, which, I think, are a great idea. I already talked about it in …

  9. fiedegufei

    The beaked kitchen-monster


    IMG_0477, a photo by fpk on Flickr.

    Just got back from Europe and cant sleep anyway, so I looked at the daily create.

    After a bit of kitchen voodo, I was able to summon the notorious beaked kitchen monster.

    You know, the one your ma told you about when …

  10. fiedegufei

    The first bark


    Ok. I am good to go. Got a blog, accounts in all the social media sites. But first things first. Gotta make dinner. Cheers from Beijing!…

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