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    Kirk James is a meat Popsicle who lives in an apartment in New York City.  He can see Brooklyn from his house.

    He is often confused why WordPress doesn’t update his posts correctly.…

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    Nate Craig – A Character Like No Other


    Name: Nathan Craig (Nate)

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male.

    Physical Description: 5 Feet 10 inches tall, Neck length, well kept, brown hair, green eyes.  Athletic without being musclebound.

    Sign: Scorpio (October 31 – no joke!)

    Marital Status: Looking

    Likes: Halloween, Ultimate Frisbee, Mom’s Cookies, Late Night Walks, Rabbits (I had one …

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    Voices From the Past


    “That’s me, age 12. I know, I know, you’re thinking I should be at school, but I’d rather be selling extras. I go to St. Patrick’s school on 97th in Brooklyn. But the nuns don’t pay cash money and Mr. Oakland over at the Times does.”

    “You see, I own …

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