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    Week 2 – Creativity and Copyright


    This week covered a very important topic for anyone that wants to create: copyright.

    Being aware of copyright laws and what you’re allowed to do is important if you’re going to be creating anything. There were many great resources to help understand copyright in this week’s assignment. I wrote reflective …

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    ds106 Assignments


    I did a few of the ds106 Assignment bank assignments and here are the results

    A combination of Mini and Audi Logos

    A Star Wars haiku:

    A long time ago

    in a galaxy far away

    light and dark balance

    and finally, I took a closeup photo of something. See if …

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    Show Your Work Discussion


    There is an article online written by Austin Kleon describing how to share your creations with the world. I think the best idea he had was the first one: You don’t have to be a genius.

    This idea means that you don’t have to be experienced and you don’t need …

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    Copyright, Remixing and Digital Editing


    I read two articles regarding copyright. The first one was about Huey Lewis and the Ghostbusters theme.

    In 1983 Huey Lewis and the News released “I want a New Drug” and then in 1984 the Ghostbusters theme was released. After listening to both songs, it is pretty obvious how similar …

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    Everything is a Remix Reflection


    Copyright and patent laws are a big deal in the world today. Everything is a Remix explains everything about it. I believe that creators view copyright as a roadblock that they have to try and find a way around to be able to create their works. The opposite point of …

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    Week 1 – Bootcamp


    So, first post on the Digital Literacy Blog. There was a lot to get done during week 1 from getting accounts setup to researching 80s culture.

    For starters I got in contact with Dr. Genereaux to have a video conference using Zoom. It was nice being able to talk to …

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