1. gcaron

    Morse Code


    This assignment was worth five stars. I learned how to do Morse code out of it so I liked doing it. I linked this to my host character. I decided to do my character’s name. I looked up online how to do Morse code and wrote down the diagram to …

  2. gcaron

    Halloween Origami



    I chose to do this video assignment, it is worth four and half stars. It involved making an origami something Halloween. I chose to do a bat. I thought this activity was relatively easy but it was fun to research different ideas and test what I could actually come …

  3. gcaron

    Video Assignment 3



    I made a slide show of what life would be like as a dog. I think this the thought process of a dog and things I would want to do as a dog.…

  4. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was challenging in my opinion. I am not very good with the video stuff I think or the editing over things. I couldn’t figure out how to voice over my video essay so I just decided to type it and go for it. Not being able to figure …

  5. gcaron

    Video Assignment 1


    This assignment was titles “What do you Love?”. Do I decided to make a video of my new puppy, Parker. I adopted Parker a couple days ago and I have fallen in love with him since. I decided to record a video of him sleeping because that is literally all …

  6. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week went by so quickly I thought. It was Monday and next thing I knew it was Friday. I thought this week’s work wasn’t too tough though. I enjoyed getting free range of the assignments and getting the ten stars was easy when I was actually able to enjoy …

  7. gcaron

    The Hole in the Wall


    For this Daily Create, I did my picture titled “The Hole in the Wall.” This picture is of a plain blank, white wall. But I gave it the title the hole in the wall to make people search for the hole even though there isn’t one.

  8. gcaron

    Having Dinner with an Old Friend…


    Tonight, I am having Eve Winters over for dinner. I am cooking chicken with pasta on the side. I am also deciding last minute to make up a salad. I wonder what would go good on a salad.. pickles… olives… orange slices… I am staring into my fridge randomly to …

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