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    This maze is being complete by Gory Collins and Eve Winters after their wedding. This assignment was worth three and a half stars. The maze is a two person maze where the partners have to find their way through the confusing m axe and out the other side. I did …

  2. gcaron

    Wedding Invitation


    For this assignment, I did another design one and I created my own wedding invitation. I did not collaborate with another classmate, I just used the name for this assignment because it was one of the first girl host character names on the list given to us. I drew up …

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    For this assignments, I did a design assignment that was worth two and a half stars. For this fundraiser for this park, we are doing a “Haunted Halloween 5K Wicked Woods Fun Run.” At this fun run, runners will get a chance to meet the cast of Corpus Metus which …

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    Radio Show Review


    I listened to The Edward Creepy Show on Tuesday and I really liked what I heard! I think what made the show so successful was that each character had a different personality and different characteristics that flowed well together. Some parts of the radio show were challenging to hear but …

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    Week 2 Progress


    I am actually surprised in how this week went and how we all communicated to figure things out. I usually hate group projects but I think my group worked well together. We began by sorting out the normal things like  name and ideas. We each also named some facts about …

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    Weekly Summary Week 7


    This week I thought would be better because of the light work but it wasn’t the easiest. Getting things figured out with my group was proabably the hardest part but I think things are moving along. I was not able to do any audio assignments because I had to work …

  7. gcaron

    Bumper Sticker for Radio Show


    I made this promo for our Radio Show. We do not have a name picked out yet but with our idea, it works without a name right now. For our radio show, we are having listeners come on the air and tell personal ghost stories so the phrase, “What Will …

  8. gcaron

    Radio Show Week 1


    This week has been going pretty well I think with my group. We have been emailing back and forth and have a Google Doc going. We all seem to have an agreement about what we want the radio show to be about and what we are going to do, I’m …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    This week was not my favorite at all. I’m shy when it comes to things like audio so I did not like it. This week I did things out of order a bit. I tried to stay on the schedule map but I kept bouncing around trying to keep my …

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