1. Girl Without A Net

    60 minutes in 56 Seconds


    The assignment: Create a sound effect story. This is a challenge to tell a short story (no longer than 60 seconds) using nothing but sound effects!


    Well here she is folks!  This is my story about the end of a long day.


    This was really fun.  The …

  2. Girl Without A Net

    What the Heck is Storytelling?


    Story telling is quilts and campfires, myth and legend, paper and voice, true and fabricated.  With as many ways as there are to tell stories it seems silly for me to say it is almost hard to define what a story actually is.  But it is hard to define!  Yes, …

  3. Girl Without A Net

    Girl Makes A Mess



    So yesterday I thought I may have broken the internet…at least my corner.

    BUT!  CogDog and timmyboy fixed me right up.


    Words of advice:  Don’t do what I did.

    Conundrum:  I don’t know WHAT? I did.

    Second Piece of advice:  Ask for help. and then STOP TOUCHING THINGS.…

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