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    Arcade Follow-Up


    Our trip to Reclaim Arcade was truly a unique experience. It felt as though we had been transported back in time to a different decade – a simpler time when technology was more unreachable (in the best way). The decor of the CD room made me feel like I was …

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    The Soft Truth: Reflection


    The soft truth is, as described by the author, a story about “the intersection of technology, popular culture, and the lived we have lived inside of machines”. The narrator/main character has just gotten fired from her job for something she said online, although exactly what was said is not revealed. …

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    Reading Movies (Week 10 Summary)

    It’s Video Week!

    Video Essay

    This assignment tasked us to take a scene from a movie and analyze it stylistically, not by the plot. Our readings this week posed questions about why movie/video makers choose to shoot scenes the way they do. What effects do these choices create? What elements …

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    Looking Back (Week 9 Summary)


    This week, we were tasked with taking two of our old assignments and re-doing or remixing them in a new way. Below, you will see the results of that reflection and reinvention.

    Revisited Work #1: Now Vogue

    This visual assignment was to take a picture and turn it into a …

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    Podcast Resource Page


    This page contains all relevant media that was referenced in the podcast, as well as a few extras, including little descriptions accompanying each so you can follow along as you listen or check back after to episode to see what we were talking about!

    Our two shows for the week!…
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    Storytelling with iMovie (Week 11)


    a glimpse at the terrifying state of my desktop in the process of completing this week’s assignments

    This week has involved a bit of catching up and getting back on track. Speaking of tracks, for this weeks movie assignment I had to deal with audio tracks – muting tracks, deleting …

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    Lights, Camera, Radio!


    Week 8 Daily Creates

    This week, we only had 2 Daily Creates and I was very thankful because completing the radio show was very time consuming! However, they were entertaining as usual and my favorite one was recreating a childhood photo. I used a photo collage app for that daily …

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    Breaking into the Business (Week 7)


    This week in DS106, we embarked on a group project to make our own radio show. This process overall was very insightful and taught me to learn and practice new skills, both technologically speaking and in group communication. This post is going up a little late, and I apologize for …

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    Make it simple, but significant

    – Don Draper

    Week 6 DesignBlitz

    This week is all about design and the careful thought that goes behind it. In the readings and videos, I learned so much about the importance of the intention and clarity within designs, and the measurement of how effectively …

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    VSCO Made Me Think I was a Photographer


    My previous experience with photography is probably pretty typical of other young people growing up in this generation inundated with technology. That being said, my skills and knowledge with photography definitely lean more towards the side of basic proficiency, and principally consist of pictures taken on my phone. Growing up …

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