1. Grace

    Mountain Air


    I love traveling. The mountains have been a yearly destination of mine since I was strapped in the car at two weeks old.

    We drive to where the cell phone service stops and the out houses begin. But, when you live in a world that never slows down, it’s good …

  2. Grace

    Lip Curls : Short Film


    I’ve discovered a new passion for creating films. Yet, even more so, I love those moments that inspire films. I am incredible blessed by the people in my life, the Love of the Lord, and adventure. Lip Curls came to me as a way to express the joys of life …

  3. Grace



    Opinion comes with fault. However, knowledge becomes a pathway to wisdom. 

    Food is the fuel for life. Therefore, what we consume is extremely significant to our wellbeing. It can be hard to know exactly what your body needs. Food chains try to fool you, diets become about loosing weight, and …

  4. Grace

    Perfect Minnow Set up


    Why did i not think of this before? The box my cast net came in was so flimsy and has been broken for a year. Today, I took the caste net out to wash it after catching some fish in the stinky sound. So, I figured I’d look around the …

  5. Grace

    Do it Yourself. yo.


    After a bike ride to the fabric store and a morning at the spinning wheel, Jessie put together a rad canvas board bag. Still needs a draw string but it’s awesome. Maybe she’ll be selling them soon…

  6. Grace

    Healthy Grub


    The spinach and kale give you some extra power, plus you can check off one serving of greens for the day. And, it doesn’t change the sweet fruity flavor (no nasty health drink here). Eating healthy should be enjoyable. Eat what the earth gives you. ¬†Avoid processed food as much …

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