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    An Interview with Terry Greene


    I was honoured to be invited to an interview by Doug Peterson of This Week in Ontario Edublogs fame!

    doug — off the record

    Terry Greene is a “Program Manager for @eCampusOntario working at the traffic circle of learning, tech, and open education.”  Terry’s online personality wavers between very serious …

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    Patch One: Interpreting Student Work


    The Open Faculty Patchbook

    By Kari-Draker Fortis, Fleming College Introduction                                                                               

    What is the best way to assess student laboratories in an introductory science course? If you posed this question to a lab instructor, chances are they will have a lot to say and likely more questions than answers. Do you …

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    An Opening Move


    swear words already? I know I'm at the right f'in conference #OpenEd16

    — (((TG))) (@greeneterry) November 2, 2016

    I got home from OpenEd16 about 30 hours ago and I’m already behind the times. Why? Well, here’s a huge benefit of being involved in Open Educational Practices: people blog, in the …

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    Sorry, but I think I just keep getting real plots


    A greedy armorer avenges a straightforward toxicologist in a plastic university

    That’s the plot for Notting Hill

    An evil physiologist eats breakfast with an amicable microbiologist in a jangling record store

    That’s the plot for High Fidelity

    An irresponsible queen goes on a quest with a sensible bacteriologist in a …

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    Write? But Why?


    Daily Create #1747 is to answer the question, why do I write? The Daily Create website claims that today is the National Day of Writing, however does not identify which nation, so I’ll assume that it is Honduras. So, to celebrate Honduras’ National Day of Writing, I will try to …

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    .erf to Matilda


    Daily Create #1704 Imagine a new Top Level Domain that would give you an ideal domain.

    In preparation for a future Internet that includes other planets and alien races, I figure we need a domain for us Earthlings.

    Introducing .erf

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    Alright well here’s the story


    Alright, well, here’s the story.

    Brad, a friend of mine, was visiting his folks in Montreal.

    Charged him an arm and a leg for the flights.

    Damn huge country this is.

    Eleven hundred bucks to get across it!

    Fine whatever, Brad thought.

    Get this visit over with.

    Haven’t seen them …

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    Today is Today Day


    If you have a look at https://www.daysoftheyear.com, you’ll see that every day has 3 or 4 themes to it which is absolutely ridiculous, so I am reclaiming today as just a day.

    Today is henceforth Today Day. Locally, provincially, nationally, internationally, globally, universally.

    Do your own thing. Enjoy doing …

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    The Orange Toque


    Daily Create #1639 Show Your Defining Moment

    My defining moment happened on an unusually nice and sunny March 5th, 2006.

    A beautiful, wonderful woman showed up for an Internet-enabled date in an orange toque.

    We’ve been sharing our lives ever since and I love it.

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    Your Head’s Got a Learning Machine


    I did this work in honour of Daily Create #tdc1598 ‘Obviously Photoshopped’, but this is actually Daily Create 1618, Paperback Paradise: which is to take an old paperback and springboard off of it in a new direction.

    …And that direction is the great and wonderful inevitable future of education. …

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    #ds106: Do Yourself a Crodscollop


    Tired of just sitting there whizzpopping all day long? Don’t want to be bopmuggered, crodsquinkled and gunzlewiped in the boring hornswoggles of the Internet, bapsqaggling all the live long day?

    Well, now you can portedo yourself to cromulence with exundly what you need to break free from the filthsome swigpill!…

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