1. gyeorelee

    Radio Show Progress


    This week and next week, we have to create a radio show for ds106 radio. This week is to form a group and plan for it. To find a group member, I went on Twitter and searching for a group to join in. remembered that my roommate told me that …

  2. gyeorelee

    Radio Show Promo


    This week is to working on producing a radio show. So, I had to make poster/bumper, sticker/logo, etc. Since I made a bumper in the past when we were working on audio assignments, so I made logo for s106 radio.


    I used Adobe Photoshop to create this logo. On …

  3. gyeorelee

    Familiar Sound


    This assignment was to create a song using recorded familiar sounds. This was 2 points project, so it was easy and fun to do it. Also, I related this to my noir character, John Brown, it’s his morning life sounds.

    I used Audacity to complete this assignments. First, I …

  4. gyeorelee

    DS106 Radio Reflection


    I listened to ds106 radio on Monday, it was about ‘Stranger on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. The story began with Haines meeting a stranger, Bruno on a train and planning perfect murders, Bruno is going to kill Haines’s wife, Miriam and Haines will kill Bruno’s father. It would be …

  5. gyeorelee

    Your Theme Song


    I related this assignment to my noir character, John Brown. This was worth 4 points, so it was kind of difficult to complete it.

    I done this assignment with Logic Pro X, and tried to show his loneliness.

    I put rain sound so it can give sadness and loneliness and …

  6. gyeorelee

    Spooky Sounds


    This assignment (4 points) was to create a song that is combination of spooky sounds. Instead of using Audacity, I used Logic Pro X to complete this assignment.

    Here’s what I made.

    It was really difficult assignment and I had no idea how to start. So, I just sat …

  7. gyeorelee

    Fifth Week Summary


    This week was FANTASTIC! I really loved doing all the assignments were given. I was interested in design (my minor is digital studies) but did not take any classes those are related to the design so I learned a lot this week. From completing DesignBlitz, I learned about concepts of …

  8. gyeorelee

    Noir Film Design


    Among the choices of three: Double Indemnity, Blade Runner, or The Big Lebowski, I watched Double Indemnity. In the film, it was really hard to tell the time and the place. Since it is a black and white film, I could know the time by shadow and the streetlight.


  9. gyeorelee

    The Vignelli Canon


    I really enjoyed the reading. Since I minor in Digital Studies, it was helpful for me to know some ideas about design. The design is visually powerful, designers cannot stand design that is weak in concept, form, color, or texture. I think Massimo Vignelli well explained that. There are many …

  10. gyeorelee

    Copyright and Creative Commons


    I was really surprised when I see the this assignment because I learned about copyright in Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class on Monday. However I still do not fully understand what is copyright law but I think that the purpose of this law is protecting creativeness of author. Since …

  11. gyeorelee

    Internet Arcade video


    I played Macho Mouse for today’s daily create. I really enjoyed playing it. I inserted sound on to it so it provides some tension to viewers.…

  12. gyeorelee

    Design Blitz


    This week, I had to explore of design blitz. I knew some concepts those were listed on the website, but finding the objects, ads, sign, etc was really harder than I thought. Whenever I walked around the campus or street, I tried to find what would fit under any of …

  13. gyeorelee

    You’re Invited!


    I related this assignment (3 points) to my noir character which was a creating invitation card to him. (John Brown)

    This invitation card is from John Brown’s step-father to invited people to his wife, also John Brown’s mother, Mary  Brown. After John Brown got this invitation, he just threw away …

  14. gyeorelee

    The Ultimate Merger


    This assignment (4 and 1/2 points) was asked me to combine a famous logos to create a new logo. I chose Starbucks Coffee logo and just stared it for long time to figure out which another logo should I use for.

    And I just searched tons of logos but could …

  15. gyeorelee

    One Story/Four Icons


    This assignment (2 and 1/2 points) was creating a story using four icons so viewers can guess what story is about. But I decided that I want to relate this assignment to my noir character so I made his biography using four icons.

    I found these icon from The Noun

  16. gyeorelee

    Super Power


    If I would have a super power, I want to have control over fire. It would be really good to have it so I can fire some candle and stove whenever it needs to turn on.…

  17. gyeorelee

    Creative Hands


    I used pictures from google image. I set the hands as background and put creative tools above it so it looks like hands have control over the tools.…

  18. gyeorelee

    Fourth Week Summary


    This week was hardest week for me. I never used Audacity before so I could not start the assignments right away. I went to tutorial in Digital Knowledge Center and learned about how to use Audacity. It was easier than I thought and I could complete the assignments less than …

  19. gyeorelee

    Brainstorm Radio Show Idea


    I got few ideas that would be fun to do as in a group. Since we are in a group and each one has a noir character, it would be good if every characters are in some situation and create a conversations based on the situation is given. The conversation …

  20. gyeorelee

    Sound Effects Story


    This assignment was to create a story related to my noir character, using only sound effects. It was really difficult assignment to me. I had no idea how to start and what story should I make that is related to my character, John Brown. To start this assignment, I went …

  21. gyeorelee

    ds106 Radio Bumper!


    This assignment was to create a ds106 radio bumper. When I got this assignment, I really did not know how show I create it. But after I listen to ds106 radio on Wednesday, it gave me some idea. I tried to make the beginning of the bumper more deep …

  22. gyeorelee

    ds106 Radio Reflection


    On Wednesday night, I listed to the ds106 radio and participated in live tweet. It was really great experience that I never had before. It was nice to see the others people’s thought while listening to the radio. One of the great I really liked about live tweeter was whenever …

  23. gyeorelee

    Reverse Audio Quiz


    This assignment(Reverse Audio Quiz : 2 and 1/2 points) was asking me to reverse the music and provide three hints so others can be figure out.

    These are my hints about the song:

    1. V

    2. 2014

    3. One of the Six Kingdom

    This assignment was really simple and …

  24. gyeorelee

    Music Mashup


    This assignment was the Music Mashup (3 and 1/2 points) that asked me to put two different songs and put them together. I decided to take “Phantom of the Opera” and the hip hop music that has no lyrics. When I just see this assignment, i immediately thought of the …

  25. gyeorelee

    Happiness Through Sound


    First Audio Assignment is completed!

    This is actually my first time using Audacity. It took me a while to make 1:40 sound. I went to tutorial in UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center, it helped me a lot. If I did not go, I would probably had hard time to this assignment. …

  26. gyeorelee

    I’m sorry



    When I see the theme of the daily create, I immediately thought of Shrek cat, because my friend always send me this picture whenever she needs to say sorry.…

  27. gyeorelee

    Third Week Summary


    This week, all the assignments were related to photos. As I read through the instruction for this week, I learned most significant information, the elements of film noir:

    dramatic use of distinct shadows lighting from one side off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing the “Venetian blind” effect — using some repeating…

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