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    Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling


    This week for cinematography assignment, I watched the movies Killer’s Kiss and The HitchHiker. 

    When Davey Gordon and his competitor were gaming, the director used unusual camera angle to give viewers to see in first personal view point. When they got hit from each other camera was shaken and when …

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    Photo Safari


    I never take pictures with title behind it. I just took it whenever I want to take and I want to keep it in my camera or phone. Since I have to take at least 5 photos, I looked around to take anything that fit into the category and always …

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    This assignment was to take any photo of find any object and take a picture of it and create augmented versions of photos with my imagination. I was about to practice clarinet, so I just took a picture of clarinet and thought about what this can be. Most of my …

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    A Silent Movie about silence.


    This video was taken when I went to Harry Potter – Hogsmeade. When I shot out the fire from its mouth, it makes big sound and I got scared from the sound. But when I silenced this video, it is not that scary anymore. It’s just magnificent.




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    What’s in your bag?


    This visual assignment was must do assignment. So I looked around my room and found this pouch in my school backpack. I always carry this around with me. Let’s look at closely what I have in this flower pattern pouch.

    First, I have a pen and a notebook. Just in …

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    I combined the pictures of building and Trasnformer and wrote ‘in yourself’ to complete a sentence with ‘believe’ whar was on the building.






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    4 Lines, 5 Dots, 1 Curve


    The goal of this assignment was to creat a picture with 4 lines, 5 dots and 1 curve. It was hard for me to think of any object that can be drawn with provided information. So I made my mind to draw the first thing I saw when I look …

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    Historical Selfies


    The most of the pictures in my phone are the pictures those were taken from the trip in Florida. Among those pictures, it was taken when I was in the airplane on a way back to Virginia. As I looked through the pictures, I immediately thought of Wright Brothers because …

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    Thoughts about Visuals of Storytelling


    These days, I take lots of photos (not selfie). The reason is that my siblings came from Korea about a month ago, so I try to go everywhere to show them. So, I want to leave many pictures I can then I can always look at it and remember what …

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    Second Week Summary


    This week was very busy week. I am so proud of myself for finishing the assignments! I personally enjoyed all of the assignments for this week. Almost all of it involved the creativeness. Before I write a character dossier, from the link that posted on the noir106 website helped me …

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    Write an Alternative Ending: The Killers


    Ole Andreson was just sitting on his bed and never leave his place. Nick and George went to his place and tried to meet and persuade him to get out of the town, but Ole refuse to meet them. Few weeks later, Nick and George moved out from the town. …

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    Postcards From the Past…


    I’m relating this assignment to my character, John Brown.

    This photo is from John Brown’s mother. This was taken when he was 14, when John and his mother were going to market to buy some food. She looked at this whenever she felt sorry for his son and miss him. …

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    Best Assignment!


    Even though it is only second week of the class, I had really interesting assignments so far. Among those assingments, I really loved the daily create. I completed three : A Cat. On Syntesizers. In Space, You? Yodel? Yep!, and the Eye Selfie. From those, I really like You? Yodel? …

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    Character Dossier: John Brown


    John Brown, he was born on November 29th 1970 in New York City, NY. He is single and work as lawyer in Miami, FL.

    John Brown is about 6’1” tall and weighs about 165 lb. He is very stylish and always wears suit. His style makes his appearance to look …

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    10 Seconds of Thanks


    I’m thankful for my family.

    I’m thankful for my friends.

    I’m thankful for health (including people around me).

    10 seconds were so short to write what I am thankful for.


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    Noir Readings


    Among many noir readings, I read The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Shadow, (script for the Death Triangle episode) and The Killers by Ernest Hemingway. As we discussed from last week, noir means “black” in French, which indicates that it show dark side of the human that can be crime, …

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    A Cat, On Syntesizers. In Space.


    Today’s Daily Create was creating an image with a cat on syntesiers in space. I was tried to to photoshop with this work, but I could not find any free photoshop that I can download. So, I utilized the drawing board that was on my computer. I never used it …

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    First Week Summary


    I was really worried about this course becasue I had not take any online course before so I could not even guess how this course is going to work. So when I got e-mail about how ds106, my concern grew larger. So I e-mail Professor Groom about questions that I …

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    A Little about Me…


    Hello, my name is Gyeore Lee, a sophomore at University of Mary Washington, majoring Studio Art and minoring Digital Studies. I came from South Korea about 7 years ago. I played clarinet since 6th grade, also cello since I was in 9th grade. I graduated at Oakton High School, which …

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