1. @hawkins10000

    Advice to Future ds106ers


    There’s a lot to say about this class. It was stressful, it was fun, and it was cool. Even if you just needed an elective credit, like I did, it’s really worth it. I learned so much I otherwise never would have, and the creativity on part of Professor Bond, …

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    Behind the Scenes of Breaking Bond: Week 14 summary


    Breaking Bond was a tough assignment, as it should have been, but it was a lot of fun. Megan Carey, A.K.A. Agent Annabella Smith, and I made an awesome final. We basically organized our final as a story with different journal updates throughout the semester. The premise we chose was …

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    Breaking Bond


    If Professor Paul Bond has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is as it seems…


    Journal of Agent Annabella Smith with Roderick Rush—Breaking Bond





    Jan 20, 2017



    Agent Roderick Rush, my partner in espionage, and myself have signed up for an online digital storytelling course …

  4. @hawkins10000

    Week 11 Summary


    Week 11 proved pretty difficult for me. Due to some extenuating circumstances, I was unable to really do the whole week’s worth of assignments, but what I did end up doing I was pretty happy with, even if it means not getting the full grade. Creating the Hugh Jackman highlight …

  5. @hawkins10000

    James Bond Chipmunked


    For the Chipmunk Style assignment, I decided to make it fit with our theme and to use a scene from Casino Royale. I wanted a scene that was pretty serious, but not violent. This was one of the most tense scenes in the film, where Bond wins a high-stakes poker …

  6. @hawkins10000

    Week 10 Summary


    This was, again, a pretty difficult week. I do have some experience in editing videos and in basic cinema studies, so a lot of the assignments didn’t have a huge learning curve for me (maybe except for the kinetic typography video). A lot of the work was just time-consuming. As …

  7. @hawkins10000

    Spy Interview


    Here is my spy interview for ds106. This one took me a while in selecting the questions, coming up with answers, and splitting the clips and moving them around, but other than that, it wasn’t bad. I decided to go with the “disguise” that everyone seems to wear in the …

  8. @hawkins10000

    Video Essay: Quantum of Solace



    I created this video essay analyzing the cinematography of a fight scene from the film Quantum of Solace, because what’s a spy movie without a good fight? I made it using iMovie and Audacity (and just as a tip: the freeze-frame option in iMovie is a life and time …

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