1. @hawkins10000

    Week 8 summary


    So we made a radio show! Finally. I have a HUGE amount of respect for podcasters now (not that I didn’t already), especially ones like Limetown and the Truth who put a lot of work into their production quality. As part of the group, it was my job to also …

  2. @hawkins10000

    Week 2 Progress


    Week 2 was grueling, to say the very least. Our group got together as soon as we possibly good through Google Hangouts and then together in person. Daniel Z came up with the idea for the show (mass surveillance), and we just used that as a springboard. I thought it …

  3. @hawkins10000

    Week 7 Summary



    This week was, again, pretty challenging. Creating a week’s worth of assignments on top of collaborating with a group and coming up with ideas for a show was definitely pretty hard. Another challenge on top of all that was trying to make the assignments related to our show/our spy …

  4. @hawkins10000

    Spy Show Promo


    For the spy design assignment, I decided to go with my tentative idea for the title of our radio show. The group is still talking over the show, so the title is still up in the air, but I thought it would be a decent name. The fonts that I …

  5. @hawkins10000

    Spy Phone Conversation


    This one was one of the most challenging but phone audio assignments I’ve done so far. It definitely earns 4.5 stars. Coming up with a script was easily 50% of the work, especially because I had to make it basically a radio show-type of conversation relating to my spy character, …

  6. @hawkins10000

    Imitating Weather


    So this may or may not be a little bit of a stretch, but when doing this assignment I definitely wanted it to fit with a spy-themed show. Spy novels in general, but especially the older noir ones, really remind me of rainy and stormy weather. It’s foreboding, and I …

  7. @hawkins10000

    Second Radio Bumper


    So, since we didn’t do the last bumper as part of the official assignment bank, I created another radio bumper. We haven’t yet come up a title for our show, so I kept it just themed to DS106 and spying. I did something a little different than last time. The …

  8. @hawkins10000

    Daily Create 2/26/17


    Pretty happy with this one. I actually based my ship design roughly on an actual prospective design made by NASA and other scientists for a warp-drive-powered interstellar ship. Background image is a NASA free-use image of a nebula, and it took a few minutes to make the ship itself (mostly …

  9. @hawkins10000

    Daily Create 3/2/17


    Took me a few minutes to find the perfect font and to come up with an idea. If I had to pick one, I would say elephants are my favorite animal, so they were the obvious choice. I also like the Animals, so that was cool.

    @ds106dc Elephants are obviously …

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