1. @hawkins10000

    Radio Bumper


    This is the radio bumper I created for DS106 Radio. I recorded three tracks of myself using GarageBand. The rest was edited with three sound effects (an affected horn, affected violin, and a clock ticking) found on FreeSound.org, with the help of users bennstir and InspectorJ.


  2. @hawkins10000

    Remaking the Genre


    For the Remake the Genre assignment, I chose one of my favorite punk songs, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (also called Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye). The original song is in its own way a cover, or more of a remix, of an American Civil War song. In the Irish …

  3. @hawkins10000

    Sound Story


    This is my sound effect story. Creating this took a bit of work, because I had to hunt down very specific sounds I had in mind and find the right ones. For example, I wanted to find ambient traffic and city sounds that you hear in the beginning and toward …

  4. @hawkins10000

    Week 4 Summary


    This one was yet another challenging week (hey, I think I see a pattern!). I had more technical difficulties, but this time on my end. The learning curve for photography wasn’t too bad, since I have at least some background with both that and Photoshop, but fitting my photographs to …

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     (take a picture of something plastic)

    (take a picture of an animal (domestic/pet/wild))

    (take a picture of death)

    (take a picture of vertical lines)

    (take a picture of something spinning)

    (take an abstract picture without using the viewfinder)

    (take a picture of something while looking through something else)


  6. @hawkins10000

    Shadow of a Doubt


    Shadows are great at telling stories. I think I have always loved the way shadows look in pictures, the way they act as positive space while at the same time being the absence of light. For the “Shadow of a Doubt” assignment, I took a picture of a friend holding …

  7. @hawkins10000

    Love at First Shot


    These aren’t my birds, but they are definitely lovebirds. Blueberry (left) and Elsa (right) are two pretty young parakeets who’ve been living together for almost a year. From the second they met, they were hopelessly in love, and they found that their personalities complemented one another. Before they found each …

  8. @hawkins10000

    Photography Points


    Below are some of the main points that make a photograph interesting.


    Saul Leiter, 1956, “Red Curtain”

    Saul Leiter’s “Red Curtain” exemplifies the element of selection in photography in a couple of ways. First, despite the name of the the photo (which adds some irony), Leiter made the decision …

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