1. headreaper

    ~~~Advice for the Next Generation of Reapers~~~


    Dear Future Gen,

    You will see this class as something really cool that will force you to finally unleash the creative turbulence that possesses you from time to time and yes this is the case with this class. You will find yourself beaming with pride after accomplishing a particularly difficult …

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    Spooky Scary Thriller


    (^I don’t usually have audio with video assignments but today is special ^)

    So I originally planned on learning the thriller dance but that was just not possible with everything going on plus the fact that my video quality is quite bad so I thought making a compilation video would …

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    **Updates on THE PROJECT (so far unnamed)**


    So for our final project we have to do a 4 genre mashup that involves our host character. I have rented out a microphone and am still trying to find a legitimate video camera to use instead of my phone or computer so if anybody has one I can borrow …

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    ~^^Pink Clouds^^~


    (^I know I’ve posted this song before but its the song’s lyrics so yeah^)

    Today’s daily create (11/11/15) (I’m 30 minutes late but it still counts as Wednesday….yeah.) is kind of vaguer than the usual vague daily creates. I think we are supposed to make some sort of poem about …

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    Weekly Summary 11/6/15


    Running out of time no time for chit chat Ah!

    Daily Creates (1,2,3)

    16 stars worth of video assignments (1, 2, 3) + mini-documentary

    Mini-Documentary (here) I know I went over the time limit but I had such …

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    ~~Dan Hubbard~~


    This week we had to do a biography of someone not obviously close to us.  I decided to do it on Dan Hubbard who is a business professor at UMW. I’m currently in his Perspectives on Human Organization in Society class and am always interested in what he has to …

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  8. headreaper

    *~*Red Reaper Shenanigans*~*


    So for one of my video assignments I did the “Instant Replay” project worth 3.5 stars.

    I caught sight of The Red Reaper making his rounds and decided to sneak a video of him! He saw me in the end though…

    I used the Vegas Movie Studio software …

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    For today’s daily create (11/5/15) we had to write a 6 line poem about our purpose in life. For a quick daily create, this was rather intimidating and personal but I gave it my best shot. Poetry isn’t my strong suit but here it is:

    I want to make the …

  10. headreaper

    *&*The Acne Hider*&*


    This week for 5 out of the 10 stars worth of video assignments required this week I did the DIY Product Commercial!

    I filmed a video of myself raving about the new “Acne Hider” that is super easy to use and completely socially acceptable.

    Here it is:

    I wish …

  11. headreaper

    Weekly Summary 10/23/15


    So this week was probably my favorite week but also one of the hardest ones for me. I found it difficult to incorporate so many host characters when we know so little about them. For example visual projects were pretty much out of the question because of the lack of …

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    ~~ Stop. Its Comments Time!~~


    (^I had to throw some sitar in here in honor of JenXTheJinx^)

    1: http://ds106.gabbychristie.com/assignments/camp-poster/#comment-333

    2: http://ds106.gabbychristie.com/assignments/suspect-design/

    3: http://audyg1rl.com/uncategorized/color-splash/#comment-258

    4: http://jimjamsbizarreadventure.com/assignments/a-t-shirt-design-like-no-other/#comment-238

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    9: http://catscarnival.com/creative-assignments/red-reaper-barcode/#comment-422

    10: http://www.scottclower.org/ds106/a-dinner-with-the-red-reaper/#comment-1182…

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    **Camp Poster In-CoLoR**


    This Assignment Bank project is called “Colorize Your World” and it is worth 1.5 stars.

    So I thought that this camp poster could use a little color, and nothing screams camp like a nice dark green! You can almost smell the nature ahh~~!






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    |. And Bring Some Coffee .|


    Helloooooo~~ So today is a very special day because my dear friend The Red Reaper was feeling inspired! ^^ He let me read it and now I’m going to share it with all of you guys! (Lets not mention this next time we see him alright?)^^

    Dear HeadReaper,

    I was …

  15. headreaper

    |__ The Girl Without A Pearl Earring __|


    For today’s daily create (10/23/15) we had to either take a photo of something that looked like something was missing or Photoshop something out of something iconic. So I picked The Girl With The Pearl Earring because I really liked the book that was written about it with the same …

  16. headreaper

    @@ The Ugly Side @@


    For today’s daily create we had to take a picture of something that is pretty on one side but ugly on another. This is a picture of the underside of our fake granite counter top in my apartment.

  17. headreaper

    ^^ Smoooooooth~ ^^


    This week I listened to The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour on Ds106Radio!

    The show began with the review of some prominent zombie themed games and movies until they were interrupted by a wild zombie herd! They tried to be diplomatic with the zombies but negotiations failed as some of …

  18. headreaper

    % Weekly Summary 10/16/15 %


    This week was really fun as well as very busy with the radio show going on. My team was really fun to work with. Everybody was really nice and organized. I also got the chance to work with Scott who I went to high school with so that was really …

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    Here are this week’s comments!

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