1. henrymaston16

    Unit 5


    As I started unit 5 I was encouraged to evaluate my photography skills, considering various tips to ultimately achieve more artistic, story full photos. After reading the list of suggestions I picked three specific techniques to attempt in this unit. I chose these tips as I felt personally these were …

  2. henrymaston16

    Unit 4


    I watched two clips by Ira Glass’ who offers his definition of storytelling within television and radio. I found it very interesting how Glass simplifies the theory of storytelling into two components. Glass calls these components ‘building blocks’ and states the contributors within these blocks are ‘Anecdotes’ and ‘moments of …

  3. henrymaston16

    Unit 3


    Storytelling. Automatically this made me think traditionally. I thought of a large picture book being read by a parent to their child before bed. Storytelling to me in its core is telling a story with words, which allows the listener to use their imagination to picture the story. Someone who …

  4. henrymaston16

    Unit 2.


    We started off unit 2 with an inspirational video titled ‘Obvious to you. Amazing to others.’ I felt this was a very appropriate video as inspiration and confidence is key in succeeding in the DS106 course. As the video suggests we always look at other people’s creations in awe and …

  5. henrymaston16

    Unit 1.


    Our first task within unit 1 was to create a variety of online accounts so we could share our created media as we progressed through the course. The only account that I didn’t have previously was Flickr, I looked forward to using this for the first time.

    Twitter – https://twitter.com/HenryMaston

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