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    UMW Honors Program Web Application


    UMW Honors Program Web Application

    1)What was the project assignment?

    The project assignment was to utilize a Requirements Specification created by a different team to plan, schedule, and implement a client project by working together with an assigned team. The team was assigned to work together during the entire second …

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    Designing Wireframes


    Designing Wireframes – Human Computer Interaction

    1)What was the project assignment?

    The assignment was to create a HTI(Hierarchical Task Inventory) and a set of wireframes for the UMW Computer Science Department website redesign.

    2)What did you learn from the project?

    I learned how about Hierarchical Task Inventories and their role …

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    Databases – Fun With Recipes


    SQL Project: PostgreSQL and SocketIO –  CPSC 350 Spring 2016

    1)What was the project assignment?

    The SQL Project was intended to serve as the final project for Databases 350. It was a group or individual project that was an introduction to working in sprints to complete a project. The database …

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    Weekly Summary


    Okay, ready, reflect! Today was a good day. I learned a lot today. I made my first youtube video. I posted myself, in a video, online. Something I don’t EVER do.

    I had my reservations about this course. When I inquired about openings in the course, I never expected to …

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    My Western Exposure


    Western movies that come to mind when I think back on my youth: City Slickers, Wild Wild West, Back to the Future part III. Yes, most of my western genre movie memories include comedies. I am a product of the 90’s, I suppose.

    I also loved Last of the Mohicans, …

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    Week One Summary. Onward!


    The goal of this post is to summarize Week 1 (which for me has actually consisted of just today).  I just joined the class today, and as such, am an in a bit of a time crunch to get the week 1 deliverables together.

    A little about me:

    I am …

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