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    Friday Cheat Meal—Done Right!


    So it’s Friday, and you’ve been through a rough week! Time for a cheat meal, right?! Yes! But it doesn’t have to be a 1500 calorie Monster Burger! Why not make something delicious that cheats a little, but doesn’t cost you two weeks at the gym?! For my cheat meal …

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    Recipe: Power-Up Greens starring Kale!


    I posted this photo to Instagram a few weeks ago, and a few of you guys have been messaging me for the recipe! Wait no more, it is here! It’s actually really easy to make and is a great use of your leftovers! Ingredients:  Seasoned Chicken Breasts (substitution: shrimp, salmon, …

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    Why Martial Arts?


    As a TaeKwonDo instructor, I am often asked: “Why participate in martial arts?” For many students, that answer is realized after their first class; and for others, the answer is seen after years of training. The truth is martial arts can mean so many things. It can mean getting us …

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    Assignment Ideas!


    Now it’s time to dealt out the torture! Muahahahahah!

    So with the first (writing) assignment, I’m forcing future #ds106ers to skip the filters and the art of cropping so that they have to go old school…..I’m forcing them to DESCRIBE their (or their character’s) lunches! So whatever it is you’re …

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    TDC Ideas


    Option 1): Get zany! Take a toy doll (or a make a paper stick figure if you don’t have one!) And take a picture of him or her instagraming a food pic! Get creative with it, and leave a funny comment in flicker.

    Option 2): Crop it like it’s hot! …

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    An end to a wonderful class!


    So this will be my last post for this class! A part of me is very sad for this, but the other part of me is so excited!!! I’m going to be switching my blog over for my personal blog where I will share fitness tips, my martial arts journey, …

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    Week 12 and the Agency


    This week, Savanna and I worked on our case load for the week. I made a few status updates on Wednesday, under my blog space:


    Then I uploaded all of my updates onto Twitter! I had been so busy working 3 jobs, that I forgot you all use Twitter …

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    I just got a Pintrest?


    As you lot can probably already assume, the Internet is something very weird for me. So this whole Pintrest thing? Very odd. I found some great scarves, supper recipes, and a way to filter my emotions for missing Don.

    Check me out here: https://www.pinterest.com/andreacarr41228/


    This assignment was worth 2 …

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    Noddy is here!


    So after trying to load this for over a day, here is what I did on the Flickr for my daily create:

    I helped Noddy out of a trash can, back into a time machine, to last year’s graduation! Turns out Noddy has a degree in Communication and Social Media …

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    Happy Holiday, XOXO Andrea!


    First and foremost, Happy Easter. It is such a wonderful day out here in New York, and the kids really enjoyed dying eggs and finding them all over the apartment!


    Those of whom I corresponded with over the week:



    Next One, Noddy.



    If you lot …

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    Beware….Finals are Coming


    So since the semester is almost over….wait for it….Sweet Jesus, hallelujah! I am like over this semester. It’s been fun and all, but it’s been a long winter and it’s time for me to head south! Gotta go to Florida!!!! Like now! Anywho, with the semester ending so soon, it’s …

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    Talking to a Stranger at the Park


    This morning I went on a walk to the usual spot. I met a strange woman there. She was crying and calling out someone’s name. I couldn’t make the name out because the woman had been bellowing in her handkerchief. I asked her what ever was the matter, and she …

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    Chat with Andrea May Carr


    Questions that Andrea will Answer:

    1.  If Bond, Groom, Black, and I were to come over for dinner; what would you prepare and why?

    2. What is your favourite song. Perform it for me now.

    3. In your opinion, who is the biggest meanie in Noir 106?

    4. What’s in …

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    Andrea May Carr and the Color Black


    For today’s Daily Create, I decided that you all should take a walk with me. This is the place I go when life has me down. It’s dangerous, but so is life. The only thing I see is black. I paint everything black. My life is a black hole that …

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    Tree Art….Challenge Accepted


    So I didn’t want to be that weirdo……taking photos of trees on campus…..so I was looking through my old pics, and decided hey this is artsy fartsy! Let’s do it.


    So this is my happy place in Miami! The trees shape the patio in a really artistic way. So …

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    Dinner Party at 6….well really 9….


    This week was really busy for me (as they always are, I’m afraid). But anyway, I decided to give “Dinner Party at 6″ a listen. My group, “Get a Clue” also did a dinner party clue theme, and I was interested in how they put theirs together in relationship to …

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